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9 Ways to Keep Your Pet Even with Allergies

9 Ways to Keep Your Pet Even with Allergies

Living with an allergy can be burdensome and most of us would opt to make our environment as pure and allergy-free as possible. But if you’re a pet owner, especially if you own a dog, it can be doubly hard to live with an allergy all because animals can quickly trigger an allergic reaction. Some would even give up their furry little friend just to keep their allergies in check.

Fortunately, there are ways to ensure that your house is safe from any allergens even with your pet living in it. So here are nine ways to keep your pet even with your allergies.

  • Buy the right vacuum cleaner


    Before we proceed to making sure that your house is clean of all allergens you have to find the right tools first to make sure that you’re cleaning your home the right way. Vacuum cleaners are a good way to ensure that you have a clean home but you need to get the right machine (look for vacuum cleaners with a HEPA filter) because ordinary cleaners tend to suck in dirt and dust in your floors, but the dirty air spews out through the filter.

    Clean regularly 

    Now that you have your vacuum cleaner it’s time to clean the whole house. Make sure that you clean every nook and cranny because allergens have the tendency to hide in inaccessible spots in your home. Your pet has probably roamed around the house several times so take note of the places he’s been in and make sure those areas are spick and span.

    Do away with carpeted floors 

  • Carpet is a breeding ground for allergens, ticks and dust mites which your furry little friend is carrying. So to make your life easier and prevent any allergic reactions get rid of the carpet and opt for wooden floors (hardwood is good). But don’t stop there. Get rid of your curtains as well because they can trap allergens too. Buy some blinds to shield your rooms from sunlight. If you have a fabric couch either cover them up in plastic (which is kind of tacky) or give them up and get some leather sofas instead (a much better alternative).

  • Wash your pet regularly

  • Dander is the allergen that can trigger a reaction in your body and frequent washing of your dog removes the dander on his skin. But be careful not to wash him too often because it can dry his skin. Consult your veterinarian first and ask him how often you can wash your dog. Also, ask him for any alternative ways to clean your dog without drying his skin. There are wipes that you can use on your dog—it will effectively get rid of the dander without drying his skin.

  • Wash his bed regularly

  • You should also keep his bed clean at all times. Pet beds are a haven for allergens too so you should keep your pet’s bed clean at all times. It is even advisable to buy a new pet bed monthly and if you’re worried about the cost there are several supermarkets that offer cheap pet beds. If you’re a bit sentimental about your pet’s bed try washing it with detergents that are designed to get rid of allergens.

  • Make your bedroom off-limits to pets

  • Since your bedroom is where you’ll be spending most of your time relaxing it should be a safe place for you. So keep your pet from entering your bedroom so that in an event where your allergy gets triggered you can find safe haven in your bedroom and sleep peacefully.

  • Wash regularly after petting your dog

  • Your time away from your dog might make him miserable, even if you just spent a night inside your bedroom which is off limits to him, so you’ll probably do what it takes to reassure him that you haven’t forgotten him. This means you’ll be petting him and cuddling with him as soon as you wake up. And you might even bring him outside for a short walk. But as soon as you're done giving your dog the attention he needs and deserves you should not forget to wash your hands thoroughly to get rid of any allergens. If your skin is sensitive use hypoallergenic soaps to wash off the allergens and use moisturizers as well so that your skin won’t dry. Better yet, take a shower as soon as you’re done petting your dog to really clean your whole body from allergens.

  • Take antihistamines

  • Sometimes even the most thorough cleaning won’t prevent your allergies from getting triggered. If this happens then take antihistamines to alleviate the reaction, but it is important to consult your physician first before you take any medicines so that you’ll get the right dosage and the right kind of antihistamine.

  • Train your pet

  • Lastly, it would be beneficial to you if your pet is housebroken. Dogs may carry allergens in their urine and if he still has a habit of peeing wherever he wants he’ll be leaving allergens anywhere in your house. Teach him to let you know if he needs to go so you can let him do his business outside the house. Or you can install a pet door for him so it’ll be easier for both of you when he wants to pee outside.

    Dogs are man’s best friend and though your furry little friend can make you sneeze or itch sometimes it won’t stop you from loving them all the same and providing them a home inside your house. So if you truly love your dog simply follow the suggestions above and you could manage your allergies and live with your pet at the same time.

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