Avoid These Skin-Care Mistakes This Winter

Avoid These Skin-Care Mistakes This Winter

Winter is the worst time for your skin. The cold climate coupled with freezing winds can dry your skin until it breaks and if you’re one of the many people living with eczema or suffering from Multiple Chemical Sensitivities then your skin is at greater risk during wintertime.

Unfortunately, we have a few bad habits that we think won’t affect our skin but in reality these things can make our skin worse. Read on and see what you’ve been doing wrong.

Taking a hot shower

When it’s cold outside, and sometimes it feels cold inside as well, our go-to response when we’re about to take a shower is to turn the faucet to its hottest setting and let the searing water ward off the cold.

But hot water can do more damage to your skin than good. What most people don’t know is that hot water can get rid of the natural oils in your skin, which will leave it dryer and if you have eczema you know that dry skin is the worst kind of skin for you.

So instead of showering with hot water try a lukewarm temperature and shorten it to 10 minutes tops. You’ll be able to clean yourself up and feel warm for a short time without drying up your skin.

Applying moisturizer long after you’ve finished your shower

Oftentimes, after we’ve taken a shower we dry ourselves up, we make a dash to the bedroom to avoid the cold tiles of the bathroom floor and we blow dry our hair so that it won’t sprout icicles when we leave the house. But we rarely apply moisturizer as soon as we step out of the shower stall because in our minds any time after our shower is a good time to put that lotion on.

Unfortunately, that’s wrong. The best time to put on moisturizer is when our skin is still a bit damp from the shower. Our damp skin will trap the moisturizer in making it more effective in keeping our skin hydrated.

Sticking with one kind of moisturizer

We often have this mindset that one kind of moisturizer is enough for our skin’s needs throughout the year. But the kind of moisturizer you used during summer may not be enough to keep your skin hydrated in winter.

So in order to keep your skin hydrated during wintertime you should opt to use ointments or creams and not your ordinary lotion. Also, the best kinds of moisturizers for your skin are the ones with jojoba, shea butter or olive in the ingredients.

Taking care of your skin during wintertime is doubly important due to the harshness of the cold climate. So make sure that your skin is moisturized at all times and try to stay away from hot water and you’ll be fine.

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