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Earth Day in This Generation and Practical Ways to Take Part in it

Earth Day in This Generation and Practical Ways to Take Part in it

With more than three decades since it started, Earth Day has created a vast awareness about environmental protection. Earth Day is an event that unifies everyone on the globe (more than 193 countries) and despite our differences in culture, language and beliefs. We are one in ensuring our planet’s preservation as well as our own for the generations to come.

But not all of us can proactively participate in activities, join organizations or donate for its cause, however, we can all care for the Earth through practical means. Some of the ways are surprising simple. Here are some:

Don’t litter

Be mindful of trash by throwing your unwanteds in designated areas, be it at home, work or anywhere else you go. In case there are no available bins in the area, pack the item until you have the chance to dispose of it properly.

Save on Utility Bills

Turn off faucets when not in use. The same applies to all electrical devices. Both water and electricity related equipment should be functional as well. Repair needs must be attended to as soon as possible because things not functioning properly tend to consume more.

Be Hip with TNCs

Status symbols through cars isn’t practical anymore. You can experience the same convenience through private transportation networks companies (TNC). You can even share a ride with other app users to save more. There are also TNCs which offer shared rides similar to how carpooling works.

Get Down and Dirty

We’re talking about literal dirt and soil or even mud in this case. Plant flowers and vegetables in small pots which you can easily bring indoors and outdoors anytime so a limited space won’t be an issue. Some veggie plants which are easy to cultivate include tomatoes and eggplants. It’s free oxygen and free vegetable salad too.

You may also consider other modern agriculture methods like hydroponics.

Be creative and crafty

Bring out your artistic side by recycling items and transforming them into artworks. If you’re not into arts and crafts, you can always just follow the usual reduce, reuse and recycle option.

Go with the Green Life

This is possibly the most life-changing among all options listed here. Some people have vowed to pursue the green life in every detail from home decorations, furniture, food, and clothing. It’s not simple and not everyone can understand. But its choice to choose the way you want to make a difference.
In terms of food and clothing, going organic is one way to care for the environment by patronizing products produced organically. These are those with no chemicals present or none used during the manufacturing process.

Speaking of organic clothing, Cottonique is one with Earth Day by offering clothes manufactured only from organic cotton.

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