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Here's How to Choose the Right Scarf & Shawl For You 

Here's How to Choose the Right Scarf & Shawl For You 

When the weather turns cold, it's best to have a comfortable shawl ready to be put on anytime, anywhere. 

Regarded as the "fashion multi-taskers," shawls and scarves are some of the versatile clothing pieces that people wear to mix and match their outfits. By learning different ways of donning them, these little fashion accessories add fun elements to your outfit, leveling up a plain attire to make people look more presentable and feel more comfortable. 

However, with countless variations becoming more available on the market, finding suitable shawls and scarves that don't react with your sensitive skin may be difficult. 

Here are the 4 factors to consider when choosing the perfect scarf and shawl safe for your skin allergies and sensitive skin. 


Just like all your clothes, scarves and shawls need to be at the appropriate size. We believe that the longer pieces are, the better the coverage they give. 

Scarves and shawls are commonly tied around your neck to provide warmth and comfort. So if you're using a short scarf or small-sized shawl that drapes unevenly around your torso, you might be missing out on their overall functionality.

As you avoid smaller scarves and shawls, you should also refrain from buying oversized pieces. Always check your size and test it on yourself before buying one. 


If you're introducing scarves and shawls to someone who has never owned these useful accessories in their closet, start by giving them pieces made in neutral colors first. 

Neutral colors are lovable, classy, and never go out of style. Accessories that bear them are easier to pair with any clothes. Once they get comfortable, you can wear bold colored ones or play around by mixing and matching colorful scarves with your outfits. 


At Cottonique, we believe you can't go wrong with wearing garments made with the fitting fabric. 

Scarves and shawls are worn next to your face, neck, and torso, so it's very important to wear pieces that won't flare up your skin allergies and give irritation. Our advice? Always look for scarves and shawls that aren't rough and itchy to the skin. 

These accessories are made to let us feel comfortable when the cold weather strikes, so picking pieces that give nothing but discomfort is the last thing you should want to experience. 

For winter, you can try popular fabrics like wool blends, silk, linens, or cashmere. You can also pick cotton, silk, and some scarves blends as these fabrics are popular for their cool, breathable, and lightweight characteristics. 


Despite the many ways of wearing a scarf or a shawl, the general rule when deciding to put on these pieces depends on the basis of comfort. 

If it's cold, you can use a scarf to give much-needed warmth around your neck. If you feel a bit warm, you can use a shawl and simply drape it around your upper body, adding a unique flair to your outfit. 

However, when you have skin allergies and sensitive skin, pieces made with synthetic materials should be a no-no from your wardrobe. To help prevent flare-ups when wearing them, we urge you to invest only in scarves and shawls made with natural fibers like our hypoallergenic organic cotton fabric. 

Organic cotton, by nature, is pesticide-free, chemical-free, and bleach-free. And since there are no chemicals and synthetics involved in the manufacturing processes, all-natural cotton is less likely to cause a reaction in people with skin allergies and sensitivities.

Don't let the cold weather stop you from being warm and cozy with our ultimately soft and itch-free scarves and shawls. Here are our picks: 

An allergy-free layering piece that adds the perfect dash of comfort and style to your winter wardrobe without giving irritation.

A versatile, hypoallergenic piece that gives an extra layer of warmth and comfort anytime, anywhere.

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