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Here's How to Clean Your House if You Suffer from Spring Allergies

Here's How to Clean Your House if You Suffer from Spring Allergies

If you're suffering from spring allergies it's important to note that the ordinary way of cleaning your house might not be enough to ensure it's totally allergy-free. If allergy prevention is your main focus, here are a few spring cleaning tips to remember:

Start with the air

Pollen is one of the nastiest allergens during spring and they’re quite capable of sneaking inside your home. To avoid this, close all your windows and change your clothes after any activity outside before you move around the house.

It is a good idea to store a few clothes near your front door so that you can easily change before you come in. This way, you'll keep any pollen that got stuck to your clothes from spreading to the rest of the house.

You can also use a HEPA air filter to make sure that the air inside your house is free from any allergen.

Wash every item you lay your head on

Dust mites, dead skin cells, and droppings lead to allergic reactions and not just the dust you thought was causing you to sneeze. These dust mites can get into your pillows and linens and even if you vacuum them thoroughly you won’t be able to get rid of them all.

Make sure to wash your linens, pillows, bed sheets and any other item you sleep on every week. Avoid installing carpets all throughout the house because dust mites make their home in places like furniture, carpets, and bedding.

It would be better to use wooden floorboards instead of carpets.

Don’t use the vacuum cleaner too much

This might sound ironic since a vacuum cleaner is supposed to clean your floors. But if you’re allergic to pollen or dust mites, using a vacuum cleaner will only make it worse. While it sucks in the dirt from your floor, it also spews out the dust mites and allergens back into the air. Instead of using your vacuum cleaner, use a HEPA filter to keep the air in your home allergen-free. Better yet, just clean your floors with a mop.

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