Spring Allergies and Pregnancy
allergies during pregnancy

Spring Allergies and Pregnancy

 When you're pregnant, it’s natural to be extra cautious and protective of your body since you’re carrying a child. So most women are a bit tense when they get hives during pregnancy, or severe pol...

allergies during pregnancyOutsmarting Allergies During Pregnancy

Outsmarting Allergies During Pregnancy

If you have lived with allergies, you know what usually eases your symptoms. But if your allergies flare up while you’re pregnant, your choices are narrowed. If you’ve noticed a change in your symp...

allergies during pregnancyDealing With Itchy Skin During Pregnancy

Dealing With Itchy Skin During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can bring about many unusual symptoms and your skin is not immune to the hormonal changes you’re experiencing. Your clothes make it worse by constantly rubbing against those itchy patch...

allergies during pregnancyNew Moms' Skin Problems and How to Deal with It

New Moms' Skin Problems and How to Deal with It

Becoming a mother is great because you get to welcome a new life into the world; however, the changes it brings to a woman’s body can be difficult at times. One particular change involves the skin...