What to Wear this Summer? 4 Comfortable Summer Clothing Ideas For People with Skin Allergies

What to Wear this Summer? 4 Comfortable Summer Clothing Ideas For People with Skin Allergies

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​​Summer is here, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on being comfortable just because you have skin allergies and sensitive skin.

The so-called season of easygoing and laid-back living has finally reached the atmosphere. And as summer tries to hit its peak, everyone feels more relaxed and joyful now that they can wear and flaunt their summer-ready outfits. 

However, during this season, wearing more than one piece of clothing can make your day a sweaty mess. The extreme dryness, heat, and sweat can wreak havoc on your skin, making your summer activities a little bit difficult. 

If the sun comes up and you're still left wondering how to dress comfortably, always remember that no one needs multiple layers just to look their best this summer. Anyone can look great and feel summer-ready by wearing just a single layer made from the best fabrics. 

And although the sweat brought by the extreme heat can sometimes get in the way, investing in the right fabrics can help you stay comfortable and itch-free. Here are the top pieces of organic cotton clothing from our collection that you should wear to combat the summer heat. 


Most people prefer to wear shorts in summer as these pieces allow the skin to breathe more. And since no one likes their legs to start sweating right after they take a step outside their homes, grab a pair of breathable shorts from your closet and pair them with something casual to balance your overall look.

An allergy-free bottom to serve as men’s ultimate must-have for days of winding down, morning workouts, and daily errands. Pair this with your favorite tee and shoes to tackle the summer free from itch and breakouts. 

This hypoallergenic piece is made to be the comfiest bottom for women on-the-go, helping them finish their morning workouts and other activities without irritation. Wear this with your go-to shirt and footwear for that fresh, carefree, allergy-free experience.

Comfy, versatile, and non-constricting cotton undie that gives an allergy-free experience to women with skin allergies and sensitivities.

Elastic-free undershorts with unhindered, allergy-free comfort for men with skin allergies and sensitivities.


Warm rays of sunshine call for classic and lightweight clothes to help you linger outside more comfortably. If you ever feel tired of wearing t-shirts and view these casual choices under a bad spotlight, you might be wearing the wrong ones. 

For this summer, stay away from graphic tees and shirts with prints in front of them as they can trap moisture and sweat, making your summer experience unbreathable and uncomfortable. Instead, wear lightweight and loose organic cotton clothes as they are easily breathable and irritation-free.

When it comes to tees that you can easily wear all year round without irritation, this allergy-free t-shirt is the perfect shirt to put on when you have contact dermatitis and sensitive skin. 

This hypoallergenic garment gives every man confidence and a comfortable experience that they can rock anywhere, ideal for those with an active lifestyle and easygoing attitude.

This allergy-free wardrobe staple is designed to become women's everyday go-to garment, giving them everything they need in a comfortable tee—lightweight, comfy, and wearable without itching anywhere.

Step up your casual wear in the most comfortable and allergy-free way with this hypoallergenic shirt engineered to be soft, comfy, and irritation-free. 


Shirts remain everyone's wardrobe staple, but in case you might want to step up your plain organic cotton tees with something casual yet more stylish, we got you covered.

Designed to be the go-to polo for all-day wear, this classic top is made more hypoallergenic, all thanks to its unbleached, undyed, and formaldehyde-free 100% organic cotton fabric, sewing thread, and tags. 

This hypoallergenic top feels soft as a whisper and comforts like a warm hug. The best part? Camisoles are undeniably versatile for they can serve as your relaxed daywear or sleepwear. 

Our newest allergy-free wardrobe staple for men to sport on without triggering skin allergies and irritation. This hypoallergenic top has a smooth texture, all thanks to using 100% chemical-free, GOTS-certified organic cotton clubbed fabric. On the other hand, the folded sleeve hem ensures a more streamlined look, ensuring an itch-free yet stylish experience for any function.

Our hypoallergenic full slip, designed with a V-shaped neckline, is a versatile piece that keeps you cozy and allergy-free. Its flattering look and 100% organic cotton fabric make it a must have in every woman’s wardrobe.

Our hypoallergenic racerback tank top, safely created with 100% organic cotton and without harmful materials, provides adequate coverage and built-in support, leaving women comfy and dry at the end of their training sessions.


If you're one of those people who aren't comfortable showing their knees to the public, you might want to consider wearing pants. Trousers might be an odd choice during summer, but they can keep your skin protected from direct sunlight. With organic cotton fabric, you will surely sweat less and keep yourself cool when the sun's blazing. 

Here’s to making men look neat and stylish without an itch. Its breathable, comfortable, and oh-so-soft fabric made from 100% organic cotton slips everyone into total comfort from the waist down, making this piece a hypoallergenic bottom that men should have. 

Whether you want to wear something comfortable when sleeping, relaxing at home, or running errands, our hypoallergenic drawstring lounge pants should be a must-have in your closet. Without all the harmful materials like toxic dyes, chemical fabric treatments, and harsh elastics, this allergy-free bottom is known for its right fit, perfect length, and itch-free fabric.

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