Living free: A cosmetologist’s story of how she won over chemical sensitivity

After nearly twenty years of working as a cosmetologist, I became allergic to nearly every chemical I worked with on a daily basis including ppd, the chemical found commonly in textile and hair dyes. I quit working as a cosmetologist, and I tried to avoid ppd by wearing white undergarments and clothes, but I still suffered from severe, itchy rashes on various parts of my body. While an allergist had helped me pinpoint specific chemicals to avoid, he couldn't test for every chemical on the planet.

It became my mission to pinpoint and avoid the chemicals that were breaking me out, but textile labels don't include chemicals used in processing. So even my white, elastic-free undergarments were breaking me out. I knew that I had to stop using the steroid ointments prescribed by my doctor, but the bigger problem remained: how can I avoid the chemicals that are breaking me out if I don't know what they are?

After much research, I found Cottonique's website. I knew that I needed to avoid dyes, (unidentified) processing chemicals, elastic, latex, and possibly spandex (I still didn't know for sure what was the cause of my breakouts). So I decided to give Cottonique's unbleached, undyed, elastic-free undergarments a try. After wearing them for about six months, I no longer break out (yay!), and I no longer worry that I am poisoning my body with toxic chemicals. I can't express the relief and gratitude enough!

-Wendy Riddle

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