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Having a child is one stair nearer to becoming selfless. It opens a whole new world of unselfishness and sensitivity of others needs. We tend to become mindful of the things that come in and out, whether it is the food, the water, and even the clothes that our family members put on.

Organic baby clothing has lately been heard. We listen so often about organic this and organic that. It is because there have been an observed increased in asthma, eczema, spots, nappy rash, bugs, and other hypersensitivity-related illnesses. More and more parents are concerned about their babies clothing and would definitely go for those without toxic substances like pesticides and fabric finishing. Organic baby clothing seems to be the smart and best alternative parents choose.

What It Takes to Get Organic Clothing

In order to grow organic crops that will be used in making organic baby clothes, it takes about three years to treat the land that it grows on. It must not be sprayed with any synthetic fertilizer, pesticide, and herbicide. Organic treatments such as the use of manure fertilizers and crop rotation will be employed. All natural agriculture techniques will be exploited to develop organic crops that will be made into organic baby clothing.

Benefits of Organic Clothing

There has been a widespread use of certified organic baby clothing all because of the fact that babies are more sensitive than adults. Nevertheless, going organic does not only benefit the babies but also the entire ecosystem that we are a part of. A single shirt made of a 100 percent organic material saves a third for every hundred pounds of synthetic fertilizers and chemicals because growing these organic crops does not use chemical fertilizers that are sprayed from above, hence, affecting nearby houses, rivers and even people who would also ingest the chemicals. To ensure that a field grows certified organic crops, it should be chemical free for 3 years and should conform to certain standards.

What Organic Baby Clothes Are Made Of

Organic baby clothes are made from toxic-free substances and are also devoid from flare retardants, petrochemicals, heavy metals, and other toxins that could be risky to the health of a baby. Asthma attack, skin allergies, intoxication, and even cancer are the health risks that are associated in using traditionally fully grown crops same cotton wool. Sensitivities in using these garments are the reason of the remnants of the toxicant in development cotton wool. Organic baby clothing are less potential to cause allergies and sensitivities. Its cotton is softer than traditionally grown cotton and is more durable.

In today’s world, where most people are getting more conscious about their health, the movement toward going organic has increased. Much more when it concerns babies. Organic baby clothing will not only protect your babies, but it will also ensure the safety of our environment. It is the pure heart of a altruistic parent who thinks of acquiring organic baby clothes for their children.



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Dave Anderson

Dave Anderson

My wife and I are going to have our first child soon and we have heard a lot about clothing irritating the skin of newborns. I am trying to learn more about the alternative option of organic clothing. Thanks for explaining how the organic clothes differ from synthetic clothing. When he is born my wife and I are definitely going to buy organic baby clothes for our son.



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Yes every parent wants the best for their babies and specially in the first 6 to 12 months the baby skin is so sensitive so it’s best to use very soft clothes and if possible organic. I am the founder of Cinnamon Baby Clothes, we have a collection of baby essentials that is made of organic cotton in natural cotton and very comfortable. We also have a more colourful collection of vests, sleepsuits, hats and blankets that is certified organic. We are now running a 10% promotion on the essential collection and the colours collection is very affordable too. If you are interested have a look at www.cinnamonbabyclothes.com. We are based on the UK but deliver international.
Ana x

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natural baby product

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