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Be Itch-Free on the Road: Tips for Those Traveling with Allergies

Be Itch-Free on the Road: Tips for Those Traveling with Allergies

Don’t let your allergies take the fun out of your adventures! Whether you’re going on a road trip or an overseas vacation, you don’t have to pack the itch in your luggage with you.

Here are some tips to keep your allergies in the bag:

  • Research the pollen count at your destination. You can do it so by checking
  • Pack all your meds and keep extra medication handy for quick allergy relief. If traveling by plane, pack your medications in their original containers and properly labelled. Keep a saline nasal spray handy to keep nasal passages moist while on air.
  • Pack comfortable clothing. It is best to opt for light, hypoallergenic, 100% organic cotton clothes and intimates to keep you itch-free while on the road.
  • Hotel rooms can harbour lots of allergens and if you’re easily allergic, consider taking with you your personal dust-free pillowcase. Or inquire beforehand with your hotel if they are offering asthma- and allergy-friendly rooms or hypoallergenic beddings.

  • When traveling by car, check your car vents beforehand and turn on the air conditioner at least 10 minutes before getting in to aerate the dust mites and molds in the upholstery.
  • On dining, be extra cautious if you have food allergies. Pack some light snacks that you can nibble on in the event that there is limited or no other options available. Inform your host or server beforehand for any allergies.
  • Be careful with treats and delicacies as they may have ingredients that you can be allergic to, always read the label or inquire about the ingredients. If heading to an international destination, research the local cuisine and have a handy card with you with a translated list of your allergies. This is especially useful when the language barrier is present.

  • Have a handy EpiPen with you if you are known to have severe allergies with food.
  • Identify beforehand clinics and hospitals nearby your destination where you can go get immediate treatment in the event of an unmanageable allergic attack.
  • Always consult your doctor on prior to leaving for what’s the best approach on your allergy management. And lastly, enjoy your trip to the fullest!

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