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How to Relieve that Itch Without Scratching

How to Relieve that Itch Without Scratching

When you’re living with eczema it’s not an unusual experience to feel itchy several times a day. And when it does itch your often knee-jerk reaction is to scratch that itch away, but you of all people know that scratching your skin will only make it worse.

So how do you get rid of that itch without scratching? Read on and find out.

Harnessing your healing state

Living with eczema is difficult because there are so many things that can easily trigger that itch on your body. Synthetic fibers can trigger an allergic reaction to your skin as well as certain foods like eggs, citrus fruits and some spices.

But what makes living with eczema much harder is the itch that occurs almost all the time that you’re not supposed to scratch. Fortunately, there is a way to relieve that itch even without scratching although it will take some time and a lot of willpower on your part.

According to experts we have the ability to convert that itch into a soothing experience by using our will and imagination. Dr. Ted A. Grossbart discussed about the power of our minds in turning our hands into soothing instruments for itching skin rather than a destructive tool for scratching an itch away. He said that when you’re experiencing an itch it’s nearly impossible to will it away, but what you can do is to think of your hand as a healing instrument and hold it over the part of your body where the itch is.

But be warned that this technique can’t be learned quickly and it may take a while before you’ll be able to ward off any irritating itchiness with just the power of your mind. Luckily, there are other ways to remove that itch without scratching or relying on your willpower.

Distract yourself

Yes, this technique also requires that you use your mental strength to remove an itch without scratching but it’s much more straight-to-the-point than the earlier tip we suggested. If you feel an itch happening somewhere in your body use all your willpower not to scratch it and find something else to do to distract you from that irritating sensation.

For example, when you feel an itch on your back while you’re reading this article stand up and move around for a bit. You could even look for a fan and direct the air on your back to relieve the itchiness.

Use ice

When your skin itches it means that the epidermis is inflamed so to simply put that inflammation out go to your freezer, get an ice cube or two and rub that ice cube over the area of your skin that is itching like crazy.

Scratching an itch away, though highly effective, is never the best solution to a person with eczema because you’ll only worsen your condition and you might even inflict a wound with your incessant scratching. So just follow these suggestions and with a little patience and effort you might learn to remove that itch without scratching your skin.

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