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#InternationalDayOfFamilies: Achieving Sustainable Development

#InternationalDayOfFamilies: Achieving Sustainable Development

The International Day of Families is an annual celebration organized by the United Nations every 15th of May, and it focuses on the importance of family in the development of the society. For this year, its theme is "Families and Climate Action: Focus on SDG13."

What is SDG13?

SDG13 means Sustainable Development Goal 13 and it is part of the United Nations’ plan to assess and to combat climate change and to minimize its effects. Several countries have already signed the Paris Agreement and they have agreed to identify threats and to limit carbon emissions. The highlight of SDG13 is to have a sustainable practice and approach in all aspects of life.

How can families help achieve this goal?

Climate change poses serious issues and damages through natural disaster, and also causes life-threatening disease. Every year, billions of dollars of agriculture and infrastructure damages are the main concern. Others lose their loved ones and got no home to stay. These people were experiencing delays in receiving assistance from the government as communication lines and public services were also damaged. Allergy sufferers are greatly affected by global warming caused by climate change. The unbearable heat, sudden change in temperature and air pollution, will make them feel more uncomfortable and will soon worsen their condition.

sustainable development

If we go deeper into the details, families can help solve climate change. Each effort done by family members can be a part of the change, like recycling and reusing non-biodegradable materials that can minimize pollution. Deciding to go ethical and sustainable has been a huge part of protecting the environment. The UN also encourages every family to have an internal discussion on how they can become THE CHANGE and to plan for the protection of the future generation.

The main goal of the International Day of Families is to address societal and environmental issues linked to humanity and encourage families to take a step forward and be a part of the change. The organization believes that bringing each other closer together is a step forward to improving our society; and when there's unity, it will be easier to achieve the goal and create a fair, safe, and balanced world.

As a member of a family or as someone who's living with allergies, how can you help stop climate change and promote sustainability? We'd love to hear your comments below.

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