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Organic Cotton is the Best Undies for You

Organic Cotton is the Best Undies for You

When you go out to buy a pair of undies most of the times you choose the one you’re going to get according to the style, cut, color and how sexy it would look if you put it on. There are other times too that we take into consideration how comfortable the pair of undies we’re checking out, which is definitely better.

But it’s very rare that we think about how healthy a piece of underwear is for our vaginas and that my dear friends is what you should always take into consideration when you’re purchasing a pair of knickers.

Choose comfort over glamour

It’s very tempting to put on a nice piece of underwear like the ones you could find on the Victoria’s Secret catalog all because we deserve to feel sexy every now and then. And that’s all right if you put on those panties every now and then, but wearing them all the time is not too healthy for your vagina because of the materials built in it.

Most frilly, lacy panties have synthetic materials in it that could lead to chafing if you wear it too often. Sure, wear them once in a while for special occasions such as celebrating your anniversary with the hubby but try not to wear it every day. If thongs are your preferred pair of underwear try to limit your use of it as well. Thongs are another sexy piece of apparel you would want to try out for your boyfriend or husband.

But be mindful that the synthetic material in this panty can also cause chafing and since all thongs are designed to be tight constant movement while wearing this outfit could scratch your posterior and could even lead to infection if not treated immediately. Although, experts say that it is very rare to get fabric cuts from thongs and frilly underwear it would be better to play it safe and minimize your use of these panties as much as possible. So if thongs and lacy underwear are not the healthiest pieces of outfits for your vagina then what is?

Organic cotton is.

Organic cotton underwear is by far the healthiest outfit for your vagina because they’re soft and breathable. Organic cotton is the softest material you could put on ensuring that your vagina is 100% comfortable. And since cotton is breathable it wicks away moisture and extra heat hence preventing yeast infection in your private parts. If you noticed we’ve been mentioning organic cotton as the healthiest piece of underwear for your vagina and not any ordinary cotton and there’s a reason for that.

Organic cotton trumps it all

Organic cotton underwear as compared to frilly panties, thongs or even ordinary cotton panties is the best piece of underwear for you because it lacks all of the synthetic material you often find in those other panties. Even ordinary cotton panties are not 100% safe for your vagina because of how the cotton is cultivated and treated to provide you with a pair of undies.

Ordinary cotton is one of the most chemically treated crops in the clothing industry because they’re easy prey for insects and pests. Traditional cotton farmers spend a gargantuan amount of money for pesticides to get rid of the pests in cotton crops and those chemicals stay in the cotton even until they’re made into panties.

So if you put on a pair of cotton undies there are several chemicals in the fabric that could irritate your vagina. Also, ordinary cotton panties often have synthetic materials to maintain their shape and flexibility. Oftentimes, these synthetic materials, like the ones you can find in thongs and frilly panties, can cause chafing or allergic reactions to your vagina. But with organic cotton panties you don’t get the chemicals or the synthetic materials.

You just get 100% pure cotton that’s been cultivated through organic means so no pesticides and any other harsh chemical that could be harmful to your vagina. So before you check out the latest pair of undies from Zivame or Clovia take a moment and think about what’s best for your vagina. And head towards the organic cotton underwear department because your vagina’s health is just as important as your need to feel sexy.

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