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Other Conditions You Thought Weren't Connected To Eczema

Other Conditions You Thought Weren't Connected To Eczema

Eczema is already a debilitating condition, but for your sake, learn more about the fact that this may be linked to other debilitating factors. Eczema is a skin condition that often occurs in children and eventually goes away as they get older.

Heart disease

Scientists have discovered that eczema could increase the risk of heart disease and stroke. Although they were careful to explain that eczema doesn’t directly cause heart disease, they did notice that people with this condition are more prone to developing heart disease due to their lifestyle and poor diet.

Also, according to scientists, people with eczema are more likely to be obese and develop unhealthy habits such as drinking and smoking. Furthermore, they found that people who have this condition tend not to take care of their health. They also found that people who have eczema are more prone to experiencing depression.

Eczema tends to flare up when the body becomes warm and when the skin sweats. So when a person with eczema tries to go to the gym or tries to workout at home, it’s highly likely that his or her symptoms will occur and therefore prevent her from continuing with her fitness regimen.


Stress is another factor closely linked to eczema and for obvious reasons. Symptoms of eczema can lead to low self-esteem due to its unsightly appearance. A low self-esteem can lead to increasing stress levels, which can lead to more flare ups and occurrence of rashes and itchy skin. The constant itching of eczema can also lead to rising stress levels since the person affected by this is often feeling uncomfortable.

Sleep disturbances

A person with eczema is expected to experience chronic itching because of his condition. But most people don’t know that this itchiness does not abate even when that person is asleep. This is why people with eczema often have trouble sleeping and therefore develop other health problems associated with sleep deprivation like fatigue. When he does start to itch, the urge to scratch is strong enough that instead of reaching his deepest sleep, he wakes up slightly and repeats the stages of sleep. This is why a lot of people with severe eczema say that even though they get enough hours of sleep they still feel tired when they wake up.

Researchers also found out that due to lack of proper sleep most of these people find even the easiest tasks to be difficult. Even the task of concentrating at work becomes difficult for people with severe eczema all because they weren't able to get enough sleep.

This is also a cause for concern for children because during their sleep they might scratch their selves too much that they break their skin. So if your child has eczema help manage his condition by putting on cotton gloves on his hand to prevent him from scratching. For adults with eczema, if you find it hard to sleep at night, consult your physician and ask for an antihistamine that can help you sleep and manage your symptoms at the same time.

Poor bone density

This condition can sometimes be found in people with severe eczema. People with severe eczema require strong antihistamines to manage their symptoms. Unfortunately, some of the strong medications that could alleviate symptoms can lead to poor bone density especially if these drugs are taken regularly or for a long period of time, scientists say. Fortunately, there are other medications today that do not lead to this result.  Doctors also say that some antihistamines, which contain sedatives, may diminish a person's level of alertness, leading to possible injuries or accidents

These are just some of the factors that are closely linked to eczema. People who are experiencing this type of condition should take heed of these factors in order to help manage their symptoms.

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