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Quick Guide to Finding the Best Men's Undershirt

Quick Guide to Finding the Best Men's Undershirt

Your undershirt has a huge influence on your outfit’s comfort and fit. How you wear it can determine whether you look stylish or sloppy. Undershirts are seen as an essential especially for men who wear a shirt and tie to the office every day.

Check the material

The purpose of an undershirt is to minimize sweat and deodorant stains on the rest of your clothes. It extends the life of a dress shirt because it allows them to stay cleaner. How it does that depends on the material. When it comes to high-quality undershirts, natural fibers like cotton and rayon from bamboo are superior to polyester and nylon. Shirts made from these fibers help your clothing breathe better, hold up longer, and feel softer.

Pilling is a no

Pilling happens when yarn fibers break or loosen or when the exposed ends tangle, leaving small fluffy balls on the surface. Remember, high quality undershirts won’t pill as quickly.

Gauge the thickness of the fabric

Holding the shirt up to a light is a good way to determine whether the fabric is too thick or too thin to be an undershirt. If there’s a lot of light that shines through, the shirt likely won’t last too long.

Pull it, scrunch it

Cotton shirts that are spun from long, thin fibers won’t separate when gently pulling on the seams. There shouldn’t be any gaps between stitches or size differences between the threads. Also, quality cotton shirts should bounce right back to their natural state after scrunching them in your hand.

Find the right fit

You might think that since your undershirt is hidden under another shirt that fit does not matter as much. That is not true. Before you buy one, determine whether you want an undershirt that gives full coverage or one that stays completely invisible. Consider also the length and neckline of the undershirt. Shirts that are an inch above the hips will stay perfectly hidden, while longer undershirts are perfect for those who always tuck in their shirts. The additional length will also help keep the shirt in place when you raise your arms.

Consider color

White is a neutral color, very classic, very straightforward and versatile. However, going for a little color wouldn’t hurt. Cottonique has men’s shirts made from 100% pure organic cotton, which also comes in natural, blue, black, and grey colors.

Whether you want to stick to the basic white undershirt or opt for higher quality colored ones, always remember that the seemingly small change of upgrading your undershirt can help improve your outfit and boost your confidence. So choose wisely, and always consider comfort.

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