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Start the Year Right with these Allergy Resolutions

Start the Year Right with these Allergy Resolutions

January is the month to make New Year resolutions with hopes that this year is the best one yet. If you are suffering from skin allergies, a few changes to your routine, whether big or small, could make a difference in preventing your symptoms in the New Year.

I will learn not only when to use my medications but also how to use them.

People who don’t experience flare-ups that often, tend to neglect or forget when and how to use their medications. Remember, anaphylaxis can happen to any allergy sufferer, and it’s always best to be ready at all times.

I will observe a healthy diet.

A healthy diet includes vegetables, lean protein, and fruits. Do not skip breakfast or any other meal because the body, particularly the immune system, requires nutrients to be able to function properly.

I will take enough rest.

Get more than 8 hours of good sleep, including naps if needed. A tired body cannot fight off infection. Rest should also include quiet activities within the last hour of waking.

I will not let my allergies affect my leisure time.

Finding and trying new things and activities with support groups will greatly help. Maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle can positively affect your mental health, and better mental health can also promote better physical health.

I will practice good hygiene.

Good hygiene begins and ends with proper hand washing techniques. This will help avoid many illnesses and prevent possible flare-ups.

I will dress appropriately for the weather.

This means proper layering when the weather is cold, using face masks or a light scarf to cover the nose and mouth during cold and windy weather, and wearing protective gloves when doing outdoor activities.

I will remember to avoid my triggers.

There are different triggers for each type of allergy. Knowing what yours is would help you in preventing allergy attacks. Milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nut, soy, wheat, fish, and shellfish are the most common foods that cause allergies.

I will exercise regularly.

Exercising regularly at least 45 minutes three days in a week will help make your body stronger and better in fighting off illnesses. Start small, but get moving often. Warm-up and cool-down and take your pre-exercise medications if you have asthma, and always carry your medications just in case.

I will switch to using organic products.

People with skin allergies should use organic products, because they do not have chemicals in them, making it gentler on the skin. They also allow your skin to breathe. Switching to organic products is not only good for the body, but also for the environment.

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