The Ultimate Allergy-Free Gift Guide for Eco-Conscious Dads

The Ultimate Allergy-Free Gift Guide for Eco-Conscious Dads

Just the right and comfortable gifts for our unsung heroes. 

We think we can all agree that dads are a different set of human beings who can be impossible to shop for. Car tools? They have them in sets. Sports stuff? They already bought themselves those. Neckties or hats? They just like the old ones and would probably turn down today's new designs. 

Aside from that, they also live in the highest form of contentment, constantly putting themselves last at the list of their priorities to provide only the best for their families. 

But despite their stubble beard, brawny hands, muscly arms, and dad bod, fathers also deserve extreme care, attention, and pamper time. Since we celebrated Mother's Day last month for their unconditional love and affection toward their children, it's high time we also honor and acknowledge the sacrifices and hardships of our fathers. 

We, at Cottonique, believe that no dads are difficult to give gifts to when you present them with eco-friendly gifts that are both unique and actually useful. From allergy-free clothing pieces to hypoallergenic accessories, here are the 7 organic cotton pieces to make your dad’s Father's Day comfortable and itch-free. 


  1. Men's Long Sleeve Lightweight Jersey Hoodie

For the Dad who needs warmth and itch-free relaxation

This allergy-free top provides warmth, protects yourself against unwanted allergens, and ensures itch-free experience wherever you go, making them an ideal casual to semi-casual outfit for outdoor activities. 

  1. Men’s Light Organic Polo Tee

For the Dad who's always work-ready

This hypoallergenic top is designed to be the go-to polo for all-day wear, thanks to its unbleached, undyed, and formaldehyde-free 100% organic cotton fabric, sewing thread, and tags.


  1. Men’s Hipster Brief

For the Dad who likes comfort and support down there

This organic cotton piece creates support and offers more frontal coverage, bringing the sleekness and support of a classic hipster brief that your Dad will surely love. 

  1. Men’s Drawstring Loose Boxer Shorts

For the Dad who loves a roomy relaxed fit 

These hypoallergenic boxers prove to be the best choice for men since these pieces provide freedom of movement and lightness, allowing Dads to feel comfort day and night.


  1. Hypoallergenic Gloves

For the Dad who has sensitive hands

This hypoallergenic must-have gives much-needed convenience, fits comfortably when worn, and provides protective thickness from unwanted allergens. 

  1. Elite Face Masks With Adjustable Nose Clip

For the dad who remains protective 

If your Dad likes to go out every day, make his daily activities safe from allergens and virus-carrying droplets with this all-cotton mask that truly comforts and protects. 

TAKEAWAY: Although this special day allows us to acknowledge the sacrifices of fathers who have become solid pillars of support to their children, we should always recognize their importance, appreciate their hardships, and love them unconditionally every day. 

They have given the world to us. It's time we look after them even beyond this special occasion. To all father figures, every son's 1st hero, and every daughter's 1st love, from all of us at Cottonique, Happy Father's Day! 

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