He tells me "Momma, I can breathe really well,"

With my severe latex allergy my options on clothing is extremely limited. Special-ordered organic wool sweaters and Cottonique clothes are all that I can successfully wear. When I ordered my first few items of clothing I found that I could actually breath a full breath of air...amazing! My throat did not swell up either. My skin and body are so much healthier because of Cottonique.

Adding a little creativity, I am still able to be stylish day-to-day as well. Now that my husband and I have discovered that my son also has this allergy, we are able to order underwear that is safe for him. This was the first pair of underwear that he would actually put on by himself because he wouldn't have a reaction to it. He tells me "Momma, I can breathe really well," when he wears it.  

Thank you, Cottonique! Please continue making your clothing!

- Clarkson

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