How organic cotton changed my life.

I didn't realize it till I was about thirty years old. My sister had been telling me that one hundred percent cotton clothing is much healthier. I was feeling very poorly and needed to make some changes. I thought I might change what I wear, eat, and whats around me to more natural choices. Each thing I changed to a natural product had a big impact on my overall health and how I was feeling. I had less pain, less fatigue and I was more at ease. I found undergarments to be very important to consider. We wear them every day and often when we sleep. Why anyone thought of making clothes from plastic I cannot imagine. Not in any stores but online I found socks that were mostly cotton. A year later I realized oh no what about the elastic bands. I found that I have numbness and pain under them. I came across the Cottonique website recently. I found elastic free one hundred percent cotton everything.

Wow good thinking!

-Frank Gentile

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