Cottonique #Zero-Waste Tea Bag


Although many environmentally conscious consumers promote the reduction of single-use plastics like bags, wrappers, and straws, these materials can still infiltrate your system, often in the form of minuscule particles.

A study conducted at McGill University in Montreal, Canada revealed that a single plastic bag releases staggering micro- and nano-sized particles when steeped in hot water. To perform their analysis, the researchers purchased four different commercial teas packaged in plastic tea bags, which were carefully opened the bags and extracted the tea leaves.

"The researchers cut open the bags and removed the tea leaves so that they wouldn’t interfere with the analysis. Then, they heated the emptied teabags in water to simulate brewing tea," McGill reported.

"Using electron microscopy, the team found that a single plastic teabag at brewing temperature released about 11.6 billion microplastic and 3.1 billion nanoplastic particles into the water," it added.


Tea bags often contain a non-biodegradable plastic known as polypropylene, and each time you brew a cup of tea, it releases billions of microplastic particles, which require hundreds of years to degrade and may potentially lead to various environmental issues.

Our Zero-Waste Tea Bags reduce environmental impact as they repurposed from 100% organic cotton masks. They are:

  • Free from synthetic chemicals or toxins, which can ensure a pure and uncontaminated tea steeping process.
  • Biodegradable, which helps prevent adding to plastic pollution.
  • Reusable and washable, further reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

We not only minimize our ecological footprint but also support the principles of recycling and resourcefulness. This approach allows us to contribute to a better and more sustainable future. 


Our Zero-Waste Tea Bags are crafted by giving a new purpose to our previously unused 100% organic cotton face masks. With a generous top opening and soft cotton drawstrings, they guarantee a clean and hassle-free brewing experience.

By using our Zero-Waste Tea Bags, you:

  • Ensure that your tea remains pure and uncontaminated by residues that may be found in non-organic tea bags.
  • Minimize the release of microplastics into your tea and the environment, contributing to a cleaner, healthier planet.
  • Allow your tea to breathe, preserving its full flavor and aromatic qualities while steeping, enhancing your overall tea-drinking experience.
  • Reflect a conscious and environmentally responsible choice, aligning with your values and contributing to a more sustainable future.


At Cottonique, we support fair trade principles. We guarantee that our employees receive equitable compensation and operate under secure working conditions, enabling them to produce functional organic cotton clothing without any compromise on quality.



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