Cottonique continue d'être une source supérieure de vêtements sans latex, sans spandex et sans produits chimiques pour hommes, femmes et enfants. Notre accréditation témoigne du fait que nous sommes une entreprise solide et fiable.

Nous sommes reconnaissants pour tout notre succès et nous sommes impatients de servir nos consommateurs avec une solution innovante à l'avenir.

02 décembre, 2009 — Admin Cottonique


Lavina Blossom:

I cannot seem to order from this company, since I am repeatedly told, when I put in my zip code for estimated shipping charges, that they do not ship to my location (city in California). And calling their customer service number, I get a message that that number is no longer in service.

Ruth Eckert:

I need all-cotton socks, as described by Joe Haacke in previous comment. However, I wear a size 8 AAA shoe and the cotton socks I purchased from another source are much too wide and leave so much material that I can’t get my shoes on with them. Do you have anything that might fit a very narrow foot? I am allergic to lycra and can’t wear the socks that stretch and fit.

Joe Haacke:

I had purchased the latex free socks, but they are really bootie, and don’t have the contoured heel that is customary with normal everyday socks. Do you have any white short crew type socks that can be worn with athletic shoes.

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