Even the items that are supposed to help heal our wounds can be the ones that could aggravate our condition. Take for example band-aids and bandages that can trigger an allergic reaction. They’re supposed to heal our wounds but some people who are allergic to adhesives and latex can exacerbate their wounds if these are used on them.

So how do you fix this? By following the suggestions below:

Use a skin barrier film

People who are allergic to band-aids or bandages with adhesive are either allergic to latex or the adhesive itself or both. There are some people who, when they use a band-aid, notice that after they peel off the band-aid rashes appear under the spot where the adhesive touched their skin. This means that they’re allergic to the adhesive. In order to avoid this they can apply a skin preparation barrier film underneath where the band-aid’s adhesive will touch the skin so that it will protect the skin from the adhesive.

The skin preparation barrier film will not only keep the adhesive from triggering an allergic reaction, but it will also protect the skin from being stripped off (at least the topmost layer of the skin) when the person has to take off the band-aid. But people should be careful not to apply this substance on their faces or on the wound itself because it could leave a burning or stinging sensation.

Use a hypoallergenic tape

If you can’t get a hold of a skin preparation barrier film or if your allergy is to latex and not the adhesive then look for some hypoallergenic tape and gauze to protect your wound.cPharmaceutical companies have recognized that some people are allergic to some bandages, which is why they’ve manufactured hypoallergenic tapes that have no latex and harsh adhesives for people with sensitive skin.

Use gauze with tubular band netting

If you really can’t use adhesives then the best option for you is to use gauze with tubular band netting to hold it in place. Gauze bandages are hypoallergenic and the tubular band netting uses no adhesives to keep the bandage in place. Instead it is an elastic covering that goes around the wound and keeps the gauze from slipping and being removed.

Having extremely sensitive skin can be difficult to live with and some people need to go the extra mile to look for ways to alleviate their symptoms. But with a little ingenuity and a little effort even the most cumbersome conditions can be fixed.

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