About us

We are a consumer-oriented apparel brand dedicated to serving health and environmentally conscious consumers. All our products are made from natural and chemical free 100% combed cotton material.

We, at Cottonique, believe that nature has the answer to the health concerns of millions of people all over the world. For this reason, our research and development team is primarily focused on natural materials and innovative technology to develop hygienic allergy-free products to benefit dermatological, gynecological, and environmental concerns.

We especially take pride in our innovation and unique design concepts. Our very own patented (CHTP®) hydro-thermal fabric finishing technology results in a fabric that is chemical free, soft, and highly absorbent. Our elasticized garments are made from a newly developed material that is both latex-free and spandex free. Our unique Cottonique fabric is unlike any other. It is pH-balanced to conform to the body’s natural acidic level, and totally free of dyes, bleach, and textile chemicals commonly used in other apparel.