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Understanding Thiuram Allergy
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At Cottonique, we believe that utmost quality is achieved only when handled without using artificial

chemicals or genetic modification, and for good reason

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Living Free with Cottonique

Cottonique made me realize I didn't have "bad skin," I only had bad clothing choices after all.

My journey to Cottonique was a windy one. For years, I had experienced discomfort and irritation from my bras, socks, waist bands, and certain clothing. I always figured I just had “bad skin.” Then when I gave birth to my first child, I began using a pumping bra multiple times a day. Turns out pumping bras need a lot of elasticity and are therefore constructed with a very high blend of spandex which it turned out my skin was very unhappy about. When I showed the rash to my uncle, a contact dermatitis expert, he said 1) wow, I’ve never seen a rash quite like that (never good to surprise an expert), and 2) yeahhh, you have a spandex allergy. Thankfully, he recommended Cottonique and I’ve never looked back. I completely cleaned out my closet of spandex and replaced what I could with Cottonique and have been the happiest of customers ever since. Thank you for making my life a lot less itchy!

- Mariel

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Your products have allowed me to be able to dress comfortably.

I have always had a latex allergy, even though I didn’t realize what it was until I was in my fifties and started being allergic to “latex” foods like bananas, avocados, and pineapple. Cottonique products, including your bras, panties, and drawstring lounging pants have allowed me to be able to dress comfortably. I will continue to purchase your products, as I trust them to be organic and free of latex and harsh dyes.

- Shirly

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Eco Warrior Princess Gives Two Thumbs Up for Cottonique

 We're so excited to share with you that our friends from Eco Warrior Princess in Australia, has shared their honest thoughts on some of our products!