3 Ways to Hide Your Eczema

Eczema can be a living hell sometimes. When symptoms flare up, you itch all over, you feel so uncomfortable that you would want to stay indoors until they go away. But let's face it; you still need to go outside and do our daily tasks.

So in order to manage your condition while you’re out of the house here are three ways to cover up and protect the affected and itchy areas of your body. Don't let the symptoms pull your confidence down and prevent you from doing outdoor activities. 

Wear gloves

Eczema can flare up on your hands and since your hands are what most people notice first it’s likely that you would want to hide them. But if you’re meeting up with an important client or you’re about to deliver a presentation to the board of directors you just can’t hide eczema on your hands behind your back.

So in order to go about your day and at the same time protect the affected area of your hand, you may want to consider wearing gloves to work. But it’s important to wear not just any ordinary gloves because your skin is already sensitive regardless if its mild eczema. Try wearing pure organic cotton gloves because the fabric softer and safe for your skin. Some people may find it weird or sometimes even rude that you wear gloves while shaking one's hand, but it's better that your coworkers or friends be made aware of your skin sensitivities. Talking to them about it and giving them enough information about it would help make you feel better not just on the outside, but also as well as in.

Wear thermals

Winter can be harsh and can worsen or even trigger allergy symptoms or itching. Since cold weather causes dry skin, it can worsen your already itching eczema. But the good thing is that nowadays, there are options and ways for you to protect your skin and prevent flareups.

If you have skin sensitivities other than eczema, consider wearing thermals that are softer and safer, particularly those that are made of 100% pure organic cotton. It will greatly help to keep your symptoms from worsening, and you can even go about your day without worrying about it.

Wear socks

Eczema can also appear on your legs and feet and though they’re the last place you’d think they'll appear. This condition is called Dyshidriotic eczema. Rashes appear on your feet, toes, fingers and palms. In order to help ease the itch, try wearing organic cotton socks to protect your skin, even if you're just at home. 

Living with eczema may be hard and it may force you to go into hiding whenever your symptoms flare up. While it is often advisable to protect your sensitive skin from triggers, remember that your skin also needs to breathe. Eczema may affect your activities, but as long as you follow the suggestions above and catch up on information regarding eczema treatments you can easily go about your day with a higher level of confidence. 


March 08, 2019 — Admin Cottonique

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