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6 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Socks For Your Sensitive Feet

6 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Socks For Your Sensitive Feet

Even though they come in different sizes and colors, the benefits of wearing socks go beyond just padding the feet. 

Socks, just like any undergarments, are one of the important clothing pieces that people wear daily. When the weather turns cold, we wear socks. And when we need a little fashion sense, we put them on to match our trousers and shoes.

But aside from giving warmth and style, socks should also aid in preventing skin irritation, blisters, and flare-ups without compromising your comfort. Here are the 5 reasons why you should wear our socks made from 100% organic cotton. 


Who doesn’t want to shift towards a greener and safer environment? Every day, our planet loses natural resources due to various kinds of toxins and chemicals that continuously pollute the environment. Chemically-blended socks, particularly those made with polyester, consist of oil derivatives. 

Since polyester is a fabric that is not easily compostable, chemically-blended socks don't break down well in soil. By wearing socks made with organic cotton, you’re doing your part in clearing pollution, taking gradual steps to becoming a more environmentally-friendly individual. 


Socks made from organic materials, like cotton, wool, bamboo, and others, are ultimately natural. The soft and easily stretchable nature of cotton makes every garment a comfortable piece to wear. Unlike synthetic-made socks, cotton-made ones allow the air to pass through with ease, keeping your feet cool and comfy all day. 

The purity of these fibers, which are free from any chemicals, is what makes organic socks extremely comfortable. Our organic cotton socks are free from harmful synthetic materials, making them the perfect pieces to hug your feet to the highest form of comfort without constraining your skin.


When we speak about organic clothing, we mean to say that the fabric is made with processes that do not involve the use of harsh toxins, chemicals, and pollutants. Since there are no pesticides and chemicals involved, the surroundings are free from their impact. When chemicals enter the system, they could be harmful to life and future generations.


Aside from being comfortable, socks made with organic cotton are also absorbent and durable. Our all-cotton socks absorb moisture quickly, drawing moisture and perspiration away from your skin to avoid discomfort. 

To keep your feet in a sweat-free zone, try wearing light cotton socks with moisture-wicking properties. They also have high tensile strength, making them less prone to accidental rips or tears because of their durability. It also does not tear easily and survives frequent washings even in hot water. 


The little things that look harmless can sometimes be potentially harmful in the end. In case you didn't know yet, latex, a colloidal suspension made from the milky white sap of the Brazilian rubber tree, is commonly used on the cuffs of synthetic-blended socks for added stretch and constriction.

While staying in place and not slipping up are desirable qualities that buyers should seek, wearing socks made with elastic bands like latex or spandex can be harmful to those with sensitive skin or skin conditions.


If you have ever worn socks that irritated your skin, there’s a high possibility that your skin was probably reacting to the chemicals that can be found in your synthetic-blended socks. That’s why we always remind our customers that material matters in choosing socks. 

Organic cotton, by nature, is pesticide-free, chemical-free, and bleach-free. And since there are no chemicals and synthetics involved in the manufacturing and production processes, all-natural cotton is less likely to cause a reaction in people with textile dermatitis sensitivities, making every fabric completely hypoallergenic safe for people who deal with sensitive skin.

The purity of natural cotton fibers, combined with our hypoallergenic processes, is what makes our organic cotton socks extremely comfortable, durable, and itch-free.

To avoid allergic contact dermatitis from putting on synthetic-made socks, switch to a more organic, safer choice by wearing pieces from our socks collection perfect for people who have sensitive skin, eczema, multiple chemical sensitivity, and other skin allergies.

Two pairs of completely latex-free and spandex-free booties in each pack that keep your feet away from irritation.
A perfect balance of durability and breathability that comfortably sits on the calf and remarkably stays up without any elastics.

    Hypoallergenic organic cotton socks that reduce the risks of triggering skin allergies with the absence of elastic

      Soft, breathable, and shape-retaining organic cotton socks designed to provide over-the-knee coverage, warmth during the cold weather, and style.

      While some people only put a little thought into the socks that they wear, the materials used to create them can either make or break their comfort, especially for those with skin conditions like eczema and sensitivities. Thanks to our Latex-Free Ankle Socks, you won't have to worry about harmful synthetics, toxic chemicals, or uncomfortable elastics.

        TAKEAWAY: While old pairs of white cotton socks at home seem to be the classic staple in most sock drawers, your feet deserve better than chemically-blended, synthetic-made socks that give nothing but irritation and discomfort. 

        Whether you want natural fibers, lightweight ones,  new colors, and a thicker fabric for that extra cushioning, we got your feet covered. See the difference that our organic socks make by reading a recent blog from one of our customers here

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