Caring for Your Organic Clothes

Caring for Your Organic Clothes

When choosing clothes, we all should opt for those that will last years instead of choosing those cheaply made shirts that will only deteriorate after a few washes and wears. While organic cotton clothing is known for its durability, flexibility, and easy to care for nature, it does not mean that this fabric is invincible.

Here are a few ways to ensure that your garments will last as long as possible, and so that you can look as good as you feel.

washing organic clothes

Wash only when needed

People wash their clothes far too often, which means exposing the fabrics to detergent and water, no matter how delicate the cycle is. Often washing clothes wears the fibers down that's why we suggest to only wash your cotton clothing only when they're actually dirty. This will help prolong the quality and lifetime of your clothes

Cold water works

Did you know that washing your garments with cold water prolongs the fabric's lifespan? It also helps avoid shrinkage.

Tumble dry with low heat or air dry it instead

The most eco-friendly way that you can do for your cotton clothes is to hang them to dry. This prolongs the quality of the fabric and uses far less energy than using a dryer. However, if you need to have the shirt dried quickly, opt to toss it into the dryer on low heat.

Low heat when ironing or avoid it at all

It is best to avoid heat particularly on organic garments, but sometimes, ironing before a big interview or a day at work is essential. Stick to using lower heat to keep your favorite top wrinkle-free.

Hang up or fold along the seams

Hanging your organic cotton shirts upright instead of folded in a wardrobe after washing is better. If you need fold them, fold them along the seams to best care for the stitching and avoid wrinkles.

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