Living with sensitive skin can be uncomfortable and difficult, especially when seasons quickly change. But you can find relief—it’s all about finding what works for your skin.

Avoid wool or nylon

These are just some of the fabrics that have rough fibers, which when comes into contact with your skin, can just make you uncomfortable, or worse itchy and scratching like crazy.

Choose fabrics that let your skin breathe

Winter means bundling up and layering clothes. You should choose fabrics that will allow your skin to breathe. If you sweat too much, moisture gets trapped, allowing bacteria to grow on the skin which can eventually irritate your skin. You can try getting 100% organic cotton or knitted silk clothing. This also goes for bed sheets.

Too much bling could sting

You should not just double check fabrics when shopping for new clothes, especially if you have sensitive skin. If you want to have a fancy sweater or shirt with a little bling, be sure to check metallic embellishments. Check if the material has nickel, or if it has any substance that you know can irritate your skin. When in doubt skip the bling. The simpler, the better.

Get rid of tags

Tags on our clothes can also cause irritation. Look for clothing that has the information printed on the fabric itself. If you have winter clothes that still has a tag on them, you can always snip if off. Removing these tags would help reduce friction and would make you feel more comfortable.

Choose loose

If you have sensitive skin, avoid wearing or getting clothes with elastic arm, leg, or waist bands. This type of clothing rubs back and forth against the skin. If your skin is sensitive, it could make this even worse. Loose clothing is more comfortable, and would help you move freely and enjoy the winter.

Wash before wearing

It’s quite exciting and even tempting to wear your new shirt or pants, but it is always good to wash it before wearing it. It will remove dyes or chemicals and other residue that could irritate your skin. When washing clothes, be sure to use a fragrance-free detergent. There are clothes with washing instructions on the tag that you might want to check first before putting them in the washer. Follow the instructions carefully so that it won’t ruin the fabric.

November 22, 2018 — Admin Cottonique


Alina Duvall said:

This is very informative and interesting. Thanks for sharing with us.

Alina Duvall said:

Tremendously articulated and well informed.

maria foster said:

My skin is too much sensitive when we wear any wool clothing so my nose got lossy and I got flue but thanks to you for writing this helpful blog. I hope it will help me and other sensitive people.

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