Improve air quality in your homes by following these simple steps:
No smoking indoors
Smokers should be advised to smoke in designated areas especially when there are kids inside the house or building. According to a data from via the American Lung Association, up to 15,000 children are sent to the hospital yearly due to secondhand smoke.
Do not use toxic household products
There is a reason why earth-friendly and organic household products are becoming very popular. Many are now aware of the dangers associated with using traditional cleaning or household products. So always check tags or labels of products before buying and see if they have higher levels of volatile organic compounds.
Control or get rid of the sources of pollution
Eliminating all sources of pollution may seem like a daunting task but little changes do matter. One of the easiest techniques is to increase the amount of fresh air indoors such as making sure that there is proper ventilation. You can also install kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans to improve the quality of air inside your home and business or establishment.
Keep your house clean at all times
Allergens and chemicals can gather in household dust, even for decades. So always find time to conduct general cleaning at home so your home will not only look better but the air quality will be fresher. It will also help if you place a big floor mat outside every door so that the majority of pollutants from footwear will be left on the mat instead of spreading them on the floor.
Purify the air through houseplants
Some plants can actually eliminate a good number of various toxins. Use real houseplants instead of fake or decorative ones. The top anti-pollutant houseplants are Peace Lily, Feston Rose Plant, Parlor Ivy, African Violets, Garlic Vine, Devil’s Ivy, English Ivy, Christmas Cactus, Yellow Goddess and Phalaenopsis or moth orchids.

December 28, 2016 — Admin Cottonique


Yvonne Smith said:

I am allergic to mercapto mix which is used in the manufacture of latex products. Anyone else with this odd allergy?

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