Top Culprits That Trigger Skin Reactions

Top Culprits That Trigger Skin Reactions

Living with allergies is not a joke. It requires careful skin care routines, meticulous choosing of products, and religiously taking of preventive medicines. Here, we list some of the common skin irritants found at home that can trigger skin reactions, or contact dermatitis. By identifying these triggers, you can take proper precautions in your own home. 

Culprit #1: SOAP

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The skin has a protective barrier that keeps the moisture in. Excessive hand washing using soap and water, may strip the skin off of its natural oils and can result in “dishpan hands.” Other related irritants include dishwashing soap, bubble bath, and some body washes.

Cottonique’s Pick: Dry skin causes the skin to get really itchy. If you have dry skin or if you have eczema, you can try wearing 100% organic cotton t-shirts and long sleeves. They’re hypoallergenic, and can also help protect your skin from other irritants.

Culprit #2: HEAT 

Hot weather or summer months, can aggravate skin problems related to sweating. Some people with sensitive skin may notice redness or chafing in certain areas such as the underarms, belly folds, and groin. Stay hydrated if you live in hot or humid areas. This will also help your skin breathe and lock in moisture. If you’re going out, remember to wear hats and sunglasses to also protect your eyes from the sun.

Cottonique’s Pick: Try wearing clothing that is loose enough to cool you down. Camisoles, t-shirts, and shorts for bottoms are perfect for hot weather.

Culprit #3: CLOTHING

For individuals who suffer from a skin condition called atopic dermatitis, rough fabrics like wool can be problematic. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, about 10 to 20% of children and 1 to 3 % of adults develop this condition. 

Cottonique’s Pick: All our tops and bottoms are perfect for people with skin sensitivities and allergies. For colder months, our thermal tops and bottoms are just perfect to protect and keep your skin from itching.

Culprit #4: LATEX

Latex is a natural rubber found in everything from gloves to condoms. People who are hypersensitive to latex may experience welts under a bra strap or elastic waistband. 

Cottonique’s Pick: Women’s drawstring bra, men’s drawstring boxers, adult booties

Culprit #5: PLANTS

If you have allergies or sensitive skin but you still love going outdoors, be careful of poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac, three of the most common causes of allergic contact dermatitis in the U.S. They contain urushiol, which causes itching. Pollens are also very common especially during spring and early summer. 

Cottonique’s Pick: Face mask, longsleeve top

Culprit #6: NICKEL

Nickel is a very common allergen. It can be found in costume jewelry, watchbands, zippers, and other everyday items. For individuals with nickel allergy, try to avoid clothes with zippers and other metals such as ordinary bras. 

Cottonique’s Pick: Cottonique’s bras do not have metal hooks and accessories. Check them all out here.


Some skin care products cause stinging or burning when applied. These products may include wrinkle creams, cleansers, and skin peels. It is advised that if you have sensitive skin, that you choose skin care products without fragrances, ascorbic acid, paraban preservatives, and alpha hydroxy acids such as glycolic acid, malic acid, and lactic acid, as these are also irritants.

Cottonique’s Pick: Once you’ve found the right skin care for your sensitive skin, you might want to try some accessories such as cotton scrunchies and cotton headbands to keep your hair off your face while you do your skincare routine.

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