I have a tumor around a hip appliance that causes horrific swelling. Before Cottonique, I had to try and make my own "knickers." But now I can actually purchase a well-made garment that feels comfortable no matter how much the swelling.

I also have a metal allergy and find many underwire bras actually cause my skin to blister. Cottonique solves that problem. Because the bras are so comfortable and healthy for the breast, I often wear them to bed to keep breast tissue in place to prevent sagging. They also keep the skin under the breast dry preventing a host of skin problems. And the bras do not contain all the carcinogenic chemicals found in the fabric of most bras. If women would do their research and wear Cottonique, we could lower the rate of breast cancer, no doubt.

-Former Nurse

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October 17, 2017 — Admin Cottonique

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