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3 Comfort-Driven Socks That Could Help Ease Neuropathic Feet

3 Comfort-Driven Socks That Could Help Ease Neuropathic Feet

Pain even in the thin and fibrous tissue lines can cause a series of problems that can be felt by the entire body. This is what discomfort feels like when you have neuropathy. 

Neuropathy, or peripheral neuropathy for others, develops when the nerves in the body's extremities malfunction due to damage. The impairment of the peripheral nervous system affects the proper reflexes of the toes, feet, legs, fingers, hands, and arms. 

The effects, which can begin instantly or escalate slowly, depends on the types of nerves that have been damaged. Some notable symptoms include, but are not limited to, muscle weakness, tingling sensation, numbness, sensitivity to touch, inability to feel temperature, shooting pain in affected areas, loss of balance and coordination, etc. 

Once you have developed neuropathy, certain medications and several treatment strategies will be laid out to relieve the symptoms. But while other treatments center on relieving the pain and reducing aches, only a few focus on easing the symptoms with things that bring comfort. To ease the symptoms particularly in the foot, Cottonique recommends trying our hypoallergenic socks. 


A person who experiences pain and discomfort in their feet due to peripheral neuropathy must take extra care to be at ease. More than just symptoms, the burning and tingling sensation, worsened by sudden aches, are a sign that you should be conscientious when choosing footwear. 

Avoid wearing tight and elastic socks. Socks that compress more and fail to comfort can intensify the pain and disrupt the healing. To provide relief, wear soft and non-constricting socks that support your activities day and night. 

Also, if you have an underlying condition like diabetes, do check your feet daily for signs of blisters, cuts, or calluses. Extremities that lack sensation are more prone to injuries and infection without your knowledge, so always check on them.


At Cottonique, creating garments that provide nothing but maximum comfort is our priority. And one way of practicing proper foot care is choosing the best soft cotton socks to pamper your feet even with neuropathy. 

Our Latex-Free Adult Booties, made with pure cotton, gives off a relaxing experience, treating your soles to an essential comfort amid the pain. These mid-cut socks also minimize abrasion with its covered seams, preventing chafing around your ankles.

Latex-Free Adult Booties

Want to take comfort a little higher? Our Elite Elastic-Free Cotton Socks do just that. Made with all-cotton fabric, a pair of these comfort-driven socks sit just on the calf and manage to stay up without the use of elastics.

Elite Elastic-Free Socks

Last but not least is our Lightweight Latex-Free Organic Cotton Crew Socks. If you're eager to step towards an irritation-free world, socks made with pure cotton fabric are probably the best choice. The absence of synthetic materials, which could be harmful to your skin, makes this piece a go-to pair for people with sensitive feet.

Lightweight Latex-Free Socks

TAKEAWAY: Our hypoallergenic socks, made with 100% organic cotton fibers, may provide  some kind of relief to people battling neuropathic pain in their feet. Try to wear a pair and complement the experience with several self-care and home remedies useful in alleviating the painful symptoms of peripheral neuropathy.

Also, nothing beats professional medical advice from your doctor, so before participating in a new treatment method, please consult your doctor first. 

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