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4 Comfortable Socks You Need for the Sensitive Feet

4 Comfortable Socks You Need for the Sensitive Feet

Despite how little and lightweight they may look and feel, the protection and comfort that socks provide to our feet should not be taken lightly.

As the first line of defense for our feet, socks help to protect our soles from intense pressure when doing physical activities. Dancers, cheerleaders, and other active individuals, particularly athletes, consistently wear socks to withstand impact and reduce friction when moving around.

Aside from that, socks come in handy to absorb shock and reduce the delayed onset of muscle soreness when working out. They also help control moisture, perspiration, and temperature, allowing your feet to be sweat-free and comfortable when the weather changes.

Without a doubt, socks are an important wardrobe piece that everyone should have. They cushion the feet and help maintain warmth. However, not all of them possess the right features to ultimately prevent blisters and irritation.

Most socks nowadays are made with harsh elastics, like latex and spandex, and other synthetic materials that can trigger flare-ups for people with skin allergies and sensitive skin.

While these materials may help strengthen the durability, longevity, and stretchability of every pair of socks, the chemicals used to develop them may come in contact with the skin, eventually leading to itchy, uncomfortable experiences.

To fend off the discomfort and protect your feet with every step, we recommend avoiding wearing tight and elastic chemically-made socks. Instead, choose soft, breathable, and non-constricting socks made with 100% organic cotton to support your activities day and night.

Here are the 4 hypoallergenic organic cotton socks that you should try to prevent unwanted blisters, flare-ups, and discomfort. 

1. Latex-Free Adult Booties

If your socks are causing your feet to itch, swell, and feel dry, the elastic embedded in them or the synthetic-made fabric may be the culprit. To prevent them from happening, try this allergy-free pair of socks made with soft, 100% chemical-free, GOTS-certified organic cotton, perfect for people with skin allergies and sensitive skin.

2. Elite Elastic-Free 100% Cotton Socks 

Tired of having blisters around your ankles due to tight and itchy synthetic socks? Look no further than our elite elastic-free 100% cotton socks that give fit, adequate coverage, and comfortable protection without harmful elastics and synthetics. 

3. Lightweight Latex-Free 100% Organic Cotton Crew Socks

We know how hard it is to find socks without latex or synthetics that can cause itchy feet and allergic reactions. That's the reason why we created these lightweight latex-free crew socks that stay up without any elastics or fabric treatments and comfort without constricting your skin. 

4. Latex-Free 100% Organic Cotton Thigh High Socks 

Thigh-high socks that give the perfect comfort and fit without sagging and slipping down can be difficult to find. That's why we created these hypoallergenic thigh-high socks made to provide over-the-knee coverage, warmth and comfort during the cold weather, and an itch-free experience without harmful elastics and synthetics. 

At Cottonique, creating garments that provide nothing but maximum comfort is our priority. And one way of practicing proper foot care is choosing the best soft cotton socks to pamper your feet. To know more the advantages of using socks made from organic cotton, read our blog: Cotton VS. Polyester: Which is Better?

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My grandchild has very sensitive toes, she hates wearing socks because it bothers her feet. Do you make anything in small size like child size for a 5 year old?

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