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5 Considerations When Choosing the Right Thong

5 Considerations When Choosing the Right Thong

While thongs may not be everyone's favorite, getting the right pieces can still serve a purpose in terms of comfort and practicality.

Recognized as an intimate piece of underwear made to feel like a second skin, a thong is an undergarment with a large front and small back triangle design, connected by a band. It offers little to no coverage in the bottom area, giving women added confidence for intimate occasions.

Years after being invented by French fashion designer Rudi Gernreich in 1974, thong panties have evolved into one of the sexiest and most stylish undergarments. These days, thongs are not just a great option for swimming or getting a tan at the beach. They're also best for finding comfort and confidence at home, on romantic dates, at parties, and more.

Although some women choose to wear thongs under form-fitting pants, skirts, and dresses, others do not see the benefits of doing so and instead choose to wear undergarments with more coverage rather than the nearly uncovered thongs that many women prefer.

And while the vast majority of women find thongs to be completely comfortable, some find it slightly uncomfortable to wear the string at the back for an extended period of time.

Thongs are designed that way, though, for good reasons. 



You can finally say goodbye to visible panty lines that peep through your outfit and disrupt your smooth silhouette when you wear thongs.

According to You Underwear, the invisibility of thongs is one of the reasons so many women choose the style. "They’re a great choice if you’re after something discreet to lie under tight-fitting leggings or gym clothes," it said.


It's no secret: wearing a thong can help you enhance your body figure. According to Clovia, a thong "will let you show the natural shape of your body in fitted clothes." Also, unlike other underwear styles that cinch you in, thongs offer the least amount of coverage, allowing your natural body shape to stand out more.


Thongs are among the lightest types of underwear, so they offer a good deal of ventilation and breathability. These positive characteristics make the thong the ideal go-to item for exposing skin at the beach, donning underneath bulky bridal gowns, or turning up the heat with your partner.

Without a doubt, thongs give women the confidence to carry out their entire day. And while every thong adds a little extra sexiness, not every design can offer unrivaled itch-free comfort.

If you need to elevate your underwear drawer with thongs, it's time to take these 5 factors into account when selecting this ideal intimate piece.


According to Howcast, thongs also serve practical purposes! Despite their seemingly quite naughty style, many women find contentment in wearing cheek-exposing briefs to avoid panty lines under close-fitting skirts and pants. 

Thongs are mainly designed to give you hip cleavage, hide panty lines, and ultimately make you feel sexy in your clothing. If you're wanting to check these boxes, now's your sign to don those thongs.


Choosing the proper thongs also requires paying close attention to size, just like with any other article of clothing. We think that tight thongs could restrict your blood flow, while loose, too-big thongs might bunch up in the front or rest above your waist, making your entire experience unpleasant, irritating, and unsafe. 

When buying one, think of the thong like any other undergarments. As they feel like a second skin, thongs must be form-fitting and comfortable. The Healthy suggests paying special attention to the waistband as thongs come in low-, mid-, and high-rise options and different widths. "Try several different kinds until you find the ones best suited for your anatomy or style needs," it added. 


Choosing the wrong size for thongs is one of the many reasons why some women find wearing them uncomfortable. According to The Healthy, it's crucial to check the size chart before adding them to cart. 

"Too-small undies can pinch in delicate places and give you muffin-top lines, while thongs that are too large can slide around, causing uncomfortable genital chafing and pain," it said in an article. 


A thong, which has been designed to be discrete, defeats its purpose when the band flashes every time you stoop over. You should choose one that works best for you among high-waisted, g-string, hip huggers, low-rise, and even crotchless options. If you want to find out more about their different cuts, read this informative resource from Clovia.


Always take the fabric you are wearing into account. Thongs are available in very of materials, from satin, lace, spandex, rayon, and even polyester. However, if you have skin allergies or sensitive skin, it's critical that you consider what type of fabric your thong is made of.

Aside from the poor fit, thongs made with synthetic fabric and other chemical treatments can damage the skin, causing chafing and rashes to areas around your private parts. If you have skin allergies and sensitive skin, choosing thongs made with hypoallergenic organic cotton can support your needs without causing irritation and discomfort. 

For optimal comfort, we recommend that women choose our latest hypoallergenic creation: 

Women's Hypoallergenic Thong

Designed to feel like a second skin that never rolls, bunches, or pinches, this latest Women's Allergy-Free Thong reigns supreme in the intimates department. It allows plenty of movement, eliminates traces of underwear lines, and contours to the body for a comfortable and supportive fit.

TAKEAWAY: If you want to appear as confident as you feel on the inside, thong panties are a great lingerie option, taking the spiciness to a whole new level. Upon taking these 5 factors into consideration, you will undoubtedly find one that is the ideal fit for you. 

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