6 Gift Ideas to Share Comfort with Your Loved Ones this New Year

6 Gift Ideas to Share Comfort with Your Loved Ones this New Year

In gift-giving, most people spend so much time finding the perfect present that would fit a certain person's taste and interests. While they consider the receiver's personality, needs, and hobbies, why not start giving gifts that incredibly comfort like a warm hug?

Gifts, aside from representing thoughtfulness and affection, are also one way to celebrate occasions, especially the new year. As you welcome 2021, Cottonique has already listed 6 gift ideas from our collection to provide comfort loved ones and support their sensitive skin. 


Men's Long Sleeve Lightweight Jersey Hoodie

Your soulmate won't ever have to worry about irritations when he put this hypoallergenic hoodie on. Engineered to help men take on the day in style, our Men's Long Sleeve Lightweight Jersey Hoodie has everything they need from a pullover hoodie. Its accentuated buttoned placket and elbow patches add a sophisticated look, making this ideal for casual to semi-casual activities outdoors.


Women's Full Slip

There's nothing more embarrassing than having allergic reactions when you're dressing fashionably. Made to solve your fashion crisis most comfortably, our Women's Full Slip keeps your girl cool, fresh, and safe from irritants hour after hour. Since it's made from 100% natural cotton, this hypoallergenic slip would surely flatter her skin to ultimate comfort. 


Men's Drawstring Lounge Pants

It's time for Dads to be comfortable with our Men’s Drawstring Lounge Pants perfect for relaxing, sleeping, or doing errands. Its breathable, comfortable, and oh-so-soft fabric made from 100% organic cotton slips your pops into total comfort from the waist down. 


Women's Hypoallergenic Shawl

Our Women's Hypoallergenic Shawl is the perfect gift to give your mom an extra layer of warmth and comfort anytime, anywhere. This incredibly versatile and completely hypoallergenic shawl keeps your mom warm amid the chilly breeze, protects her skin from the hot sun when traveling, and complements her chosen outfit for a night out.  


Lightweight Latex-Free 100% Organic Cotton Crew Socks

Want your siblings to think of you throughout the year? A pair of our socks, made with 100% organic cotton, would fit snugly and securely to warm their toes and hearts! These hypoallergenic socks reduce the risks of triggering skin allergies as every pair thrives with the absence of elastic.


Sleep Eye Mask - Truly Hypoallergenic 

Give the gift of a good night's rest to your friends with our Sleep Eye Mask. Designed to be the safest sleep eye mask for individuals with sensitive skin, this hypoallergenic wonder is a unique blend of safety and durability. With its 100% organic cotton fabric, your friends will surely get the sleep they deserve. 

The COVID-19 pandemic makes this year's celebrations a bit different. However, even if you're far away from your family or loved ones, you can still send them these gift ideas instead. May you and the people you love and care about enter the new year with zeal and excitement. 

From all of us at Cottonique, Happy New Year! 

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