How to Know If Your Itchy Bra is Caused by Skin Allergies

How to Know If Your Itchy Bra is Caused by Skin Allergies

Having an itchy bra is really annoying and distracting. Oftentimes, it’s caused by a wrong fit or you just need to wash your bra. Other times though, it could mean that there’s something up with the material you’re using: you could be allergic to the materials in your bra.

In this post, we’ll explore how an itchy bra can be caused by poor fit or skin allergies.

Itchy Bra Caused by Poor Fit

Before we conclude that an itchy bra is caused by an allergy, you should first rule out that it might be caused by poor fit. A poor fit could mean that your bra is either too loose or too tight. If your shoulders hurt, for example, you might be relying too much on the straps for support. Your bra band could also be squeezing your back too much, which means that it may be too high up or too tight.

If you also have to keep on adjusting your bra throughout the day, it’s a sign that you need to change the style or the size of your bra.

If you experience any of these symptoms, consider replacing your bra with something more comfortable and with the right fit.

Itchy Bra Caused by Skin Allergies

When replacing your bra doesn’t work and it still feels itchy, it may be a sign that you have skin allergies.

Bra allergies are usually caused by latex, a material found in bra elastics. People who have latex allergy might experience redness and irritability in the affected area. The most common complaints are itchiness in the bra band and in the bra clasp.

We suggest going to a dermatologist to confirm if you’re allergic to latex. We also recommend switching to latex-free bras and undergarments. Regardless of whether you have allergies or not, it’s important to keep your skin free from irritants and not exacerbate the itchiness you feel.

Latex-Free Bra and Undergarments

Latex allergies can occur despite having just trace amounts of latex in your clothing. That said, you have to be careful in selecting clothing that are 100% free of latex and other synthetic material to be free from an itchy bra.

Cottonique provides one of the largest selections of completely latex-free bras and undergarments. All our clothing are manufactured in an allergen-free environment, so you can be sure that our clothes will not irritate your skin in any way.

Try our latex-free, hypoallergenic undergarments and see the change for yourself!

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