Need a Cotton Bra? Here's What You Should Know Before Buying One

Need a Cotton Bra? Here's What You Should Know Before Buying One

Through the years, women have used a variety of garments and devices to cover, restrain, reveal, or even modify the appearance of breasts. As the years go by, more women become aware and sure of what their preferences are when it comes to undergarments. Not only do they look for form and aesthetics, but also the benefits of the fabric and the impact it has on the people and the environment. 

The bra is one of the most important undergarments for women, as it provides protection and support to one of the sensitive areas of the body. One of the best fabrics to consider when buying a bra is organic cotton. It is hypoallergenic and guaranteed safe for the environment. However, a pure organic cotton bra is very different from the synthetic ones out in the market. Here, we list some of the things you should know before buying one.

Organic cotton bras are hypoallergenic

Cotton boasts three major qualities: soft, absorbent, and breathable. The softness is gentle on the skin, the absorbency wicks away moisture, and its breathability allows evaporation of moisture that might otherwise be trapped by synthetic fabrics such as nylon or lycra, and encourage the growth of bacteria which causes the itch and the rashes. 

No pesticides in the fabric

Traditional fabrics are sprayed with tonnes of pesticides per year, which not only affects the planet, but also the body. A study from JAMA Network found that human breast milk in North America can store an overload of toxins from the environment, food, and clothing and these toxins not only affect breast milk that babies need, they also stay stored in our fat cells.

Less to zero toxic dyes

Non-eco fashion manufacturers use traditional dye processes which are highly toxic, to maintain the bright color of the fabric (and they really do stay in the clothing). Organic cotton bras retain the cotton’s natural color, which is a light beige tone. If you are to buy pure, 100% organic cotton clothing and even underwear they are usually not like the white ones you see in boutiques. 

No underwire 

Today, there is still not proof that underwire bras can cause cancer. But one thing is for sure: it can cut off circulation, cause blockages, and create painful lumps. With organic cotton bras, there are no underwires because underwires, which are metal, could compromise the authenticity and the hypoallergenic feature of the fabric. Metal, is one of the most common allergens out there and for someone who has this, it could be dangerous. 

No elastic

100% pure organic cotton bras usually don’t have elastics with them. This means that there’s no stretch, and you wear the fabric as is. This is why it is important to know your proper size to get the proper fit. 

Other cotton bra buying tips

Know what you need

Why do you need a cotton bra? Are you allergic to synthetic fabrics or elastic? These are just some of the questions you have to answer and be sure of before looking for a store to check out. 

Know your body type and size

You still have to know what your body shape is so you’ll know what style would fit you or would be right for your chosen activity. When it comes to your size, knowing your number ensures proper fit of the bra. This is applicable when it comes to shopping for any kind of bra. 

Go to the right place

Once you’ve assessed what you need, choose a store with a wide selection of bras on hand. Cottonique provides a wide range of bra styles made from 100% organic cotton, especially made for people with allergies and other skin sensitivities. 

Be flexible

If there’s a bra you like but the store do not have your size, it is usually OK to go up a band size and down a cup size or vice versa. 

Be meticulous

Try it on and have a critical eye. If you see gaps, spillage, digging, or any sign of poor fit, then it’s not the right bra. There should no be gaping, riding up, or bulges

Take good care of your bras

Organic cotton bras need extra care and protection, as they serve as your “protective skin.” Once you have purchased your cotton bra, it is best to hand wash it before wearing. Read the washing instruction on the label and follow it by heart. 

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Susan Owen

Susan Owen

I have ordered quite a few products from Cottonique but I would love to order a bra but do not like the seam across the cups as I live in Florida and wear a lot of tee shirts. I’m sure there are many women that feel the same way and I was wondering if there are any plans to come out with a seamless bra❓

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