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The Best Hypoallergenic Clothes Come with these Criteria

The Best Hypoallergenic Clothes Come with these Criteria

If you're looking for the best hypoallergenic clothes chances are you’ll end up buying a pair of pure organic cotton clothes. Pure organic cotton is the best kind of material for people with sensitive skin or more specifically multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS). Not just because they’re softer than other fabrics, but pure organic cotton clothes have other features that make them the best hypoallergenic clothes and the criteria below are what give them that edge.

Organic fabric

Pure organic cotton fabric is the perfect for people with extreme skin sensitivities. Traditionally farmed cotton crops are one of the most chemically doused crops in the world because pests often try to destroy these crops. So farmers use hundreds of litres of pesticides to get rid of bugs and pests in their crops, but those chemicals cling to the crops. After they have harvested the cotton the pesticides they’ve used are still there and they will cling to the fabric even after they’ve been manufactured into clothes and other products. And we all know that people with extreme skin sensitivities can trigger their allergies when harsh chemicals come into contact with their skin.

So, traditionally-farmed cotton is ultimately bad for them. This is where pure organic cotton comes in. Organic cotton crops are free from any harsh chemicals because farmers stay away from pesticides and other chemicals when they cultivate their crops.

Breathable fabric

Organic cotton is also one of the most breathable fabrics therefore it’s also the best kind of clothing for people with sensitive skin. People with MCS (multiple chemical sensitivities) need clothes that let their skin breathe because they can’t let their skin overheat otherwise they will trigger their allergies.

Zero latex and spandex

Lastly, pure organic cotton clothes do not have latex or spandex and if you’re one of those people with extremely sensitive skin you know that latex and spandex are two of the most undesirable materials to have in your clothes. Statistics are showing that more and more people are becoming allergic to either latex or spandex and a number of clothing companies are starting to minimize their use of these materials.

People with extremely sensitive skin can easily trigger their skin allergies if they come into contact with latex or spandex. Fortunately, pure organic cotton clothes have neither of these two materials in their fabric making them the safest piece of clothing for people with skin allergies.

Looking for the best hypoallergenic clothes used to be difficult since very few people know what to look for when they need clothes that are safe for their skin. But due to extensive research people with extremely sensitive skin can now rest easy because if they need the best hypoallergenic clothes all they have to do is look for pure organic cotton clothing.

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The trick is to find the pure organic cotton, aside from Cottonique. LL Bean??



Organic fabric is best suitable to prevent your skin from allergy, most of the people get rashes by the poor quality of the material.

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