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Time to Get Your Socks On

Time to Get Your Socks On

There's no better way to wear these small yet highly functional stockings than to flaunt them on special days. Fortunately, National Socks Day allows just that! 

Celebrated every December 4th, the National Socks Day recognizes the importance of matching pairs and promotes lasting and comfortable socks. No matter the color, style, and sizes, the way these little garments keep everyone on their toes is something to celebrate about. 

Commemorate this toe-tapping observance with us by wearing our socks specially designed to be tough on allergens yet soft on the skin. As we recognize the culprits in causing foot allergies, Cottonique provides you with hypoallergenic socks designed for comfort and structured fit without any of the harmful chemicals and synthetics.


Relaxing usually involves taking your shoes off, but you would always want to keep our Latex-Free Adult Booties on. Knit with soft, 100% organic cotton, these mid-cut socks stay snug with our patented weaving techniques. Its covered seams minimize abrasion while the all-cotton fibers keep your feet away from irritation.


You won't go off the rails with a pair of our Elite Elastic-Free 100% Cotton Socks. Engineered to hug your feet to the ultimate comfort, these socks are a perfect balance of durability and breathability. Each pair comfortably sits on the calf and remarkably stays up without any elastics.


When it comes to preventing allergic reactions, we literally and figuratively got your feet covered! These Lightweight Latex-Free Crew Socks, made with 100% organic cotton, sit snugly and securely with our innovative circular knitting technique. These hypoallergenic socks reduce the risks of triggering skin allergies as every pair thrives with the absence of elastic. 


You won't have to look everywhere just to find thigh-high socks that don't slip down and give irritations. Our Latex-Free Thigh-High Socks provide just what you need: over-the-knee coverage, warmth during the cold weather, and itch-free experience without elastics.

No matter where you go, our all-organic cotton socks are good for the soles and best for comfort. It cushions and pads the feet comfortably, protects your feet from the dangers of latex and spandex, reduces soreness and pounding while doing physical activities, and prevents foot conditions like blisters, rashes, and athlete's foot. 

Get one for your size and see for yourself why people with contact dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, or multiple chemical sensitivity love these tiny comfort pieces.

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