Top Brands Offering Allergy Friendly Products

Top Brands Offering Allergy Friendly Products

Allergy can start as a simple itch that you want to scratch to relieve yourself from the discomfort, but when left unattended or untreated, it can possibly lead to serious complications such as psoriasis or may even exacerbate existing medical condition like asthma.  

Fortunately, treatment of allergy has already escalated into a sophisticated level. Some chemical compounds have been discovered to treat allergies. These have even found their way into numerous products that we use regularly like in food, medication, and clothing.  Thousands of brands that we are familiar with claim to offer allergy-free products.  Here are some of those brands which are known to produce allergy-free products:


This brand is famous for manufacturing skin products for women. Their cleansers are gentle and do not rob skin of natural oils despite regular use. Numerous positive reviews were written about Dove's skin nourishing products, cleansers, soaps, and other dermatological products. Most comments attest to Dove’s allergy free products that are readily available in most stores.  This brand is also recommended by dermatologists.


This brand has been part of children' ms diet and meals for numerous generations now.  Over the years, it has nourished kids with its wide variety of cereal products. These are usually made of whole grain cereal which are gluten free and allergy free. There are also different flavors which mothers can choose selectively from should they have kids that are allergic to some types of ingredients like chocolate and nuts.


Aveeno is known for selling affordable body lotion that are not loaded with heavy scents, artificial dye, and other chemicals or compounds that are known as skin irritants. Although Aveeno is based in the U.S., it is also distributed all over the world.



Cetaphil believes that the skin should be nurtured and not smothered, clean but not stripped, and smooth and not greasy. Cetaphil’s products are runaway bestsellers and recommended by dermatologists.



This is another dermatologist-recommended brand when it comes to hair and skin care products. It was the first to market a clear soap which rinses quickly with no soap residue that remains on the skin and is skin friendly. Neutrogena soaps are laboratory tested to restore normal pH levels of the skin.

Giovanni Cosmetics

This brand is number one when it comes to natural hair care products in the U.S.  It offers a wide variety of shampoo, hair repair treatment, styling products, and hair conditioners. It was founded because the owner was allergic to the salon products he was using. Arthur Giovanni, the founder of Giovanni then formulated his own products by using natural ingredients in order to minimize negative reactions after using cosmetics.


The bedroom is one of those areas where allergies can worsen, especially with beddings, mattresses, and pillows. Hospitology is renowned for producing bedroom products that are laboratory tested, features bed protection technology, and easy to install or use products.  

Ian's Natural Foods

If you want allergy free or gluten free food products, Ian’s Natural Foods is a must-try. Their selection lists more than 40 items. The brand's mission is to be a leader in terms of providing allergy friendly food products including breakfast meals, kids' favorites, entrees and appetizers for example.

Yummy Earth

If you want candies for your kids that are free of top eight allergens like soy, milk, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, fish, wheat, and shellfish, this is the brand for you.  Worry no more about gummy bears, fruit snacks, lollipops, jelly beans, and other unhealthy snacks that will worsen children’s allergies.  

Life is indeed beautiful because of brands that are allergy friendly like these brands listed above.  

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