Skin Allergies On The Rise: Cottonique provides clothing solutions to chemical-intensive garment production

Skin Allergies On The Rise: Cottonique provides clothing solutions to chemical-intensive garment production

First published in PRWeb (June 8, 2009). 

Latex is the cause of one of the most prominent skin allergies, affecting some 6% of the US population. With a rise in the use of chemical compounds and chemical aided garment manufacturing techniques people who would have never thought to be allergic to latex are now finding themselves susceptible to this everyday material.

With garment manufacturing technologies moving forward rapidly the dependency on latex and other chemical-intensive synthetics is increasing, with a significant impact on those suffering from, or potentially susceptible to latex allergies and other skin disorders. While new technologies are cheap and efficient, they are dependent on potentially harmful chemicals in the manufacturing process.

As a result, a growing number of people are suffering in silence from rashes, itching and discomfort, caused by sensitivity to the chemical compounds and manufacturing techniques used in garment production.

Clinical studies have shown the use of synthetic materials and chemical-reliant manufacturing processes are responsible in part for heightened skin sensitivity, and can bring out allergic reactions in people who may never have previously suffered any allergy to the clothes they wear or the materials they touch.

Further, the use of formaldehyde in clothing production and other carcinogenic chemicals can lead not only to serious dermatitis, eczema and even coma in extreme circumstances, but can also contribute to the chances of contracting cancer through prolonged exposure.

Vinesh Genomal, Marketing VP for Cottonique believes the problem will continue to worsen as a growing percentage of garment manufacturing is outsourced for the lowest price at the cost of quality and public safety.

"The clothing industry is, by and large, concerned with continually cutting costs, and as a result, we have a situation where consumer safety takes a back seat in preference to the cheapest possible manufacturing techniques. Likewise, common dyes can be particularly damaging, and for most allergy sufferers, chemicals in the clothes they wear are at least in part responsible for their condition," he said. 

"Unfortunately, the situation is only going to continue to deteriorate over the coming years, leaving more and more individuals facing potentially life-changing reactions to these chemicals," he added. 

Over the years, Cottonique has seen a "growing demand" for their 100% natural organic garments since they are "the only way sufferers of these allergies can see an improvement in their condition, or prevent the onset of further reactions to everyday clothes dyes and chemicals." For Vinesh, this demand looks to be a long term trend, "which has stemmed from modern awareness by public of the potential risks of these chemically aided garment manufacturing processes."

According to him, they have seen a lot of demand come in from customers with contact dermatitis and multiple chemical sensitivity. "Our latex-free underwear and latex-free bras have been hit for latex and spandex allergy," he ended.

Cottonique is the only company that provides hypoallergenic garments in a wide range of styles to help those with skin allergies find comfortable clothing. Visit Cottonique to learn more about the company or browse and shop their complete range of products.

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