Cottonique made me realize I didn't have "bad skin," I only had bad clothing choices after all.

My journey to Cottonique was a windy one. For years, I had experienced discomfort and irritation from my bras, socks, waist bands, and certain clothing. I always figured I just had “bad skin.” Then when I gave birth to my first child, I began using a pumping bra multiple times a day. Turns out pumping bras need a lot of elasticity and are therefore constructed with a very high blend of spandex which it turned out my skin was very unhappy about. When I showed the rash to my uncle, a contact dermatitis expert, he said 1) wow, I’ve never seen a rash quite like that (never good to surprise an expert), and 2) yeahhh, you have a spandex allergy. Thankfully, he recommended Cottonique and I’ve never looked back. I completely cleaned out my closet of spandex and replaced what I could with Cottonique and have been the happiest of customers ever since. Thank you for making my life a lot less itchy!

- Mariel

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