Cottonique saved me from my spandex allergies

About 3 years ago I started reacting to all of my clothes and underwear that had spandex in it. I experienced many itchy rashes and my hands would swell, crack and bleed. This went on for a couple of years and I had a really hard time discovering what I was allergic to because you don’t really suspect that your clothes could be the cause.

Once I suspected that the spandex in my clothes was the problem, I spent hours shopping for 100% cotton clothing in regular stores and discovered that it is extremely difficult to find clothes without spandex. In fact, Cottonique is the only place that I have found that sells bras, underwear, and socks that are 100% free of latex and spandex. Now that I understand my allergy and can avoid it by wearing products from Cottonique, my skin is rash free and healthy.

-Louise Anistakis

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