Thank you for ordering a Cottonique customizable bra, we just need a couple of measurements in order to ensure that your bra fits perfectly. Please refer to the guide below for accurate instructions on how to get your perfect measurements.

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After measuring the band size and cup size of your bra, proceed with the measurement of the following points of reference of your perfect fit bra in inches or centimeter:

1. Bottom or Underbust measurement – from side seam (A) to side seam (B), measure your bra in flat layout as shown in the illustration.
2. Cross Bust Circumference measurement- from © your lower armhole across the side seam over the highest point of your bust to the other side of your lower armhole (D) then back to © from back side of the bra as shown in the illustration.
3. Cup Height measurement – from lower band at center part of your bust (F) measure its cup height up to the end of the front strap joint (E) as shown in the illustration.
4. Armhole measurement – from lower armhole (G) up to the top of shoulder strap (H) as shown in the illustration.

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