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pH balanced





The skin maintains an average pH value of 5.5 – 6.5 to protect itself from infection, irritation, allergic reactions and dehydration. This pH level is achieved by the body’s own acidic secretions, such as perspiration, sebum (fatty secretions) and various hormones. From daily washing, or from the introduction of foreign substances, the skins pH level gets thrown off to values between pH 9 – 11 and it takes approximately 2 hours to bring itself back to its normal pH level. For those that have sensitive skin, it could take as long as 36 hours. Fabric dyes and/or chemicals in underwear or clothing can hinder or further slow down the skins Ph balancing process.

Cottonique is pH balanced making it easier on the skin to achieve and maintain its normal pH level. No other underwear in the market offers this unique advantage, making Cottonique the ideal clothing brand for people with sensitive skin.