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5 Benefits of Wearing Skin-friendly Clothing

5 Benefits of Wearing Skin-friendly Clothing

Many are prone to skin allergies and although there are various reasons why people suffer from such conditions; one of the noted culprits are the clothes we wear. Unfortunately, not all are too concerned with the materials of their clothes but are more inclined to think of what’s fashionable or trendy. For those who are susceptible to skin allergies, it is more important to be cautious when it comes to picking out your everyday clothes.

There are numerous benefits associated with wearing clothing that is skin or even eco-friendly. In fact, there is now a growing number of people who choose to wear sustainable clothing. With this in mind, several clothing companies are also empowered to design and produce clothing that are not just fashionable but also skin and environment friendly.


Skin-Friendly Clothing Materials

Before we list such benefits, here are some clothing materials which can be considered as skin-friendly:

The most popular materials used in organic or hypoallergenic clothing include cotton, soy, hemp, silk, wool and bamboo. Cotton is the most prominent material and a more preferred material around the world mainly because of its versatility. Sadly, traditional cotton farming is deemed as dangerous because of its dependence on the use of insecticides and pesticides. With this in mind, cotton farmers are encouraged to comply with strict guidelines and limitations when it comes to pesticides and insecticides usage. Fortunately, organic cotton is widely available and provides the softest, luxurious and breathable clothing to the skin.

Clothing made of soy materials are best for swimsuits since they are UV resistant as well as moisture absorbent. Soy clothing is also biodegradable which causes minimal impact to nature. Hemp on the other hand is also an ideal choice for clothing materials since it does not require the use of herbicides. It is naturally resistant to insects, pests and even fungus. Clothing made from silk is considered as luxurious and smooth. Organic silk is the best from this variety since it is created without the use of any harsh chemicals. Organic wool on the other hand is derived from sheep that are not exposed to pesticides or chemicals while bamboo is starting to become popular and used for trendy garments.

A stand out from this group of hypoallergenic clothing material is natural cotton. While any type of cotton can still be considered natural since it’s a plant, certain processes expose cotton to chemicals. These include fertilizers and insect sprays during farming, defoliants to improve the fiber and dyes to color them. So to differentiate a different variety which is completely devoid of any chemical, they are referred to as organic cotton and can be well be the most natural type of all cotton fibers.


Benefits of Skin-Friendly Clothing

Now, on the five benefits of wearing skin-friendly clothing: 

Best for Sensitive Skin

Hypo allergenic clothing is perfect for people who often suffer from skin conditions. This is also true for infants who have thinner and more porous skin than adults. A person who often experiences skin rashes or any other skin conditions must choose the right materials for their clothes. In many cases, the cause for certain skin irritants can be blamed in materials used for clothes. So always check labels and conduct your own research regarding in addition to physician’s advice.

Clothes will Last Longer

Clothes made from organic materials can last longer and will not break down easily even after several washes. Conventional clothing materials go through a lot of process such as bleaching, dying and scouring just to name a few which can definitely affect their overall quality. Consumers are certainly save a lot of money when their clothes last a lot longer since there won’t be a need to replace them ever so often.

Less Toxic Chemicals

Pesticides such as Propargite and cyanide are commonly used in conventional clothing materials. These dangerous and of course toxic substances can cause not just skin problems but other serious medical conditions. Luckily, clothing that is made up of organic materials is free from toxins which is definitely good not only for your skin but also for the environment.

Less Allergen

Pesticides, herbicides and all the other toxic chemicals can certainly cause skin irritations and other dermatological problems. Clothes that are made of hypoallergenic fibers or materials are free from any form of pollutants or chemicals which means that it is skin friendly. Even the process used to prepare the material can become a problem. For example, regular cotton shirt can be the cause of skin issues because of the process on how the cloth is produced.


One of the best things about wearing hypoallergenic or organic clothing is the comfort that it brings, most especially cotton. This type of material easily stretches and is soft to touch which can be very soothing for someone who may have skin rashes. Cotton fabric is also a good absorbent which is very appropriate for people who have acquired skin problems because of sweat.

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This is a very good content which is helpful to take the decision to wear skin friendly clothes. In fact, modern farmers are aware of use pesticides. I think people can be more aware to choice about the skin-friendly dress from this content.



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