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5 New Year's Resolutions for People with Skin Allergies

5 New Year's Resolutions for People with Skin Allergies

Along with the celebration for New Year's Eve came another set of promises that everyone plans to fulfill. And while people busy themselves to accomplish these goals, people with skin allergies should also use this opportunity to celebrate what worked and modify what didn't in managing their allergies. 

After the festivities of the holiday season, Cottonique urges you to add a few changes to your routine or just stick to your practices with more commitment. No matter how big or small, these intentions make a difference to become a better you this year.

1. Commit To Your Self-Care Tip
Self-care is very important especially when you're dealing with skin allergies. If you're dealing with a prevalent skin condition, continue alleviating your symptoms with simple tips. Don't scratch your skin to avoid further irritation, take a lukewarm bath, always apply a moisturizer or sunscreen, take enough sleep, and practice good hygiene. 

In all aspects of life, negligence often breed consequences, so take these simple tips with more dedication to avoid putting a damper on your efforts to stay allergy-free in the coming months.  

2. Organize Your Treatment Plans
Another thing that people with delicate skin should not neglect is their medications. When was the last time you schedule an appointment with your allergist or dermatologist? Don't you think it's time to update your medications to better manage flare-ups in the future? 

In order to create an improved treatment plan for your allergies, visit your doctor regularly. Proper consultations with your healthcare provider will not only recharge your understanding of your skin allergies but also help you stay on top of your health. 

3. Practice Preventive Measures
For each type of skin allergy, there are a handful of triggers present. So if you know what causes your flare-ups, then it's better to stay away from them. What's the trick? Always be wary of what you buy and what you put on. 

When at the grocery store, make it a habit to read labels of household products as they may contain skin irritants and potential allergens. These items may exacerbate your delicate skin when used. You should also avoid stretchy things as they may have latex, spandex, or other elastics in them. There's nothing with being a conscious consumer. 

4. Replace Fears with Awareness
It is often said that a lack of knowledge instills fear in people. And it is only by seeking wisdom that we gain the courage to face them. When you have skin allergies, understanding how they occur and how to prevent them from happening will help you respond better to the symptoms.  

Educate yourself every now and then by engaging in healthy discussions about skin allergies. You can also join local support groups to increase community awareness. 

5. Live A More Organic Lifestyle
Having an organic lifestyle, which does not only revolve around eating fruits and vegetables, benefits people more than you think. When you take a step to a more organic way of living, by adjusting what you eat, what you do, what you use, and even what you wear, you switch to a healthier, more allergy-free life.

Aside from promoting good life, switching to organic products is also good for the environment. Try to put nutrition-rich vegetables on your plate, purchase local products, ditch environmentally-harmful products, and wear organic cotton clothes. 

Organic cotton clothing is perfect for people with skin allergies as all-cotton clothes don't have chemicals in them. They are gentle on the skin and allow your skin to breathe. If you're having trouble finding an organic clothing line, take a peek at our hypoallergenic products completely made from organic cotton here.

With a careful planning and a hopeful mindset, people with skin allergies can experience an allergy-free life too this year. 

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