Latex Allergy

Latex allergies are becoming more and more common as people are exposed to latex with more frequency. Latex allergy can be a very serious problem, and people with this condition need to find good latex-free clothing and products to prevent a potentially dangerous latex reaction.

what is latex allergy

What Is Latex Allergy?

Latex allergy is an immune system response to the natural proteins that are found in latex rubber. Biologically, latex allergy is much the same as any type of allergy, such as an allergy to food, dust mites, or pollen, with latex being the allergenic substance.

Latex is a very durable, stretchable material with great elasticity; it is also a good barrier and water-proof material. These characteristics make latex a great product for all sorts of products including medical gloves, clothing, toys, household products, and much more. Latex is used freely in common products, and is very difficult to avoid.

latex allergy symptoms

Latex allergy can range from mild to severe. It may present as a skin irritation, contact dermatitis, hives, cough, wheezing, swelling or itching. A severe latex allergy may be life-threatening and trigger anaphylactic shock. This type of allergy may develop gradually at first and worsen with each latex exposure. Worse, some people have severe latex allergy reactions from the onset.

The biggest problem with latex allergies is that they develop and worsen with exposure. This is why medical professionals and people who have undergone substantial medical treatment tend to develop latex allergies more than others. (It is important to note, however, that anyone can have a latex allergy.) What this means is that anyone who has a latex allergy must take steps to avoid latex exposure as much as possible—even if the symptoms seem mild at first.

Finding Good Latex-Free Clothing and Products

It is important that a latex allergy never be taken for granted. Continued latex exposure can result in a very serious condition. It is important that latex allergy sufferers find good latex-free products so that they can live comfortably and so that they do not exacerbate their allergy.

Finding good quality, safe latex-free clothing can be a challenge because most off-the shelf garments do contain latex. Latex is the most widely used product in elasticized materials and waist bands. What’s more, latex allergy sufferers cannot always trust garment labeling to reveal the complete contents of store clothing. (Manufacturers are not always required to list products in “trace” amounts; it is well-known, though, that even small amounts of latex can cause a severe reaction in latex allergy sufferers.)

organic cotton

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