Post-Mastectomy Bra

It’s important for post-mastectomy patients to wear the right bra, especially during the first few weeks of recovery. It can’t be too tight as this is can be highly uncomfortable and may even prevent glands from operating normally.

Moreover, regular bras often contain harmful ingredients such as resin and bleaching agents. It’s advisable for patients to stay away from toxic materials as much as possible during the healing stage.

Factors to Consider

One of the first things to consider when looking for a post-mastectomy bra is the type of fabric. It needs to be breathable, non-restrictive, and made from the most natural materials to avoid skin and gland issues. One such brand that can offer all these qualities is Cottonique.


Cottonique fabric is clear of any surface coatings that can block air and moisture, keeping the skin cool and naturally dry. This prevents skin irritations, bacterial odor, and possible infections. 


Cottonique takes pride in its unique chemical-free fabric treatment process that enhances air and moisture permeability of the cotton fabric. Since there are no surface coatings that block the fabric’s pores, ventilation is increased and moisture rapidly evaporates from the skin.

Non-restrictive structure

The common bra sold today have either an underwire or elastic that supports the breasts. It is a common mistake for women to wear these bras throughout the day. For several thousand years before underwire bras and elastic were created the human body went through a natural evolutionary process that didn’t require women to wear such support like bras. One of the advantages about the bras that Cottonique makes is its drawstring design. It makes the bra completely adjustable thereby relieving the wearer of any restriction. 

The Cottonique Process

Although many brands claim to be organic—because the cotton is sourced from pesticide-free farms—the fabric is still produced using textile chemicals such as shrinkage-control resins, fabric softeners, and optical brighteners.

Cottonique’s innovative hydro-pressure wash process results in nothing but pure, clean cotton fabric with optimum absorbency. After the hydro-pressure wash, the fabric goes through a PH-balancing process that neutralizes and balances acidic levels. To control shrinkage, Cottonique uses another unique method called hydrothermal compacting process, a purely mechanical process that utilizes heat and water.

Not only are Cottonique bras made from 100% pure organic cotton, they are also produced from a contamination-free facility. This makes them the ideal bras for women following a mastectomy procedure.