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4 Factors to Consider when Choosing the Right Bra for Hiatal Hernia

4 Factors to Consider when Choosing the Right Bra for Hiatal Hernia

The tiniest substances and obscurest features, even those that you deem insignificant with your undergarments, can wreak havoc in your skin. The latex and Spandex straps, chemically treated fabric, metal clasps and fasteners, and the awful wires that dig into your skin can give the most discomforting experience. 

Because of the way synthetic-made bras are usually developed, women could not wear any bra properly without having problems. They tend to be uncomfortable and irritated, leaving them with days to research the right bras that would work well with their severe allergies and other conditions. 

And while all bras can say that they can provide comfort at any time of the day, not all of them possess the right features to support women with skin allergies, sensitive skin, or other conditions, particularly those with hiatal hernia.


According to Cleveland Clinic, hiatal hernia is a condition where the top of your stomach bulges through an opening in your diaphragm. There's no definite explanation why this condition occurs, but doctors suggest that hiatal hernia might be caused by age-related changes, certain injuries or trauma to the area, persistent and intense pressure on the surrounding muscles, and genetics. 

Although most small hiatal hernias bring no serious signs or symptoms, larger cases of this condition can cause the following: heartburn, regurgitation of food or liquids into the mouth, acid reflux, difficulty swallowing, chest or abdominal pain, feeling full soon after you eat, shortness of breath, vomiting of blood or passing of black stools, or indications of gastrointestinal bleeding. 

If you're one of those women who have been diagnosed with a hiatal hernia, you may find it difficult and painful to wear bras that constantly constrict and press against your upper stomach. To prevent discomfort from happening, here are the 4 factors that you should consider when buying the right bra. 


When your bras apply too much pressure on your breasts, you'll surely appreciate wearing soft-cup bras that do not limit chest movement. Wearing tight bras is bad for breast health since they restrict the lymph flow around the breast. Instead, use bras with smooth cups since they offer great support and comfort without constricting the area around your hernia. 


While they may offer added support and lift, wearing bras with underwires for longer periods might hurt your ribs and breast when you have hiatal hernia. They can also lead to an increased risk of other skin problems like skin irritation and infection, cuts from exposed wires, and contact dermatitis. 


Finding an accurate size, just like in every clothing piece, is also crucial when choosing bras to wear for the day. Ill-fitting bras and those pieces that are too tight for your breasts can be uncomfortable, irritating, and unsafe. 

When you have hiatal hernia, it's best to experiment with different sizes until you can find the right fit where you feel comfortable. If a certain bra makes you feel uncomfortable, then you're wearing the wrong size. 


Aside from the poor fit, bras made with synthetic fabric and other chemical treatments can damage the skin, causing chafing and rashes to areas around your breasts. If you have skin allergies and sensitive skin, choosing bras made with hypoallergenic organic cotton can support your needs without causing irritation and discomfort. 

For optimal comfort, we recommend that women, particularly those with skin conditions and hiatal hernias, choose their go-to pieces from our collection of allergy-free organic cotton bras—always designed with comfort in mind. 

  • Drawstring Bra

  • With no metal hooks or coarse elastic that causes stretch marks, this single jersey bra is one of Cottonique’s finest. The adjustable cotton drawstring below the bustline and the rib fabric at the back provide flexibility while ensuring the utmost support and comfort.

  • Side-tie Bra

  • Similar to the Drawstring Bra, the Side-Tie Bra is also a single jersey bra with no metal hooks or coarse elastic. It features an overlap design with side-ties as well as an adjustable slider that you can tighten or loosen for maximum comfort and support.

  • Bra Liner

  • The Bra Liner is a great way to keep every woman’s perfect fitting bra without sacrificing comfort. Meant to wear under a regular bra, this breathable liner absorbs and prevents sweat residues. The wide soft seam shoulder straps protects the skin from possible allergens, while the nickel-free snaps secure straps from direct contact with the skin. The crop-top design, on the other hand, makes sure that the liner doesn’t ride-up, flare, or bundle.

  • Front Closure Support Bra

  • Featuring a hypo-allergenic plastic closure that opens and closes at the front, this full-bodied bra is made with Cottonique’s special material at the shoulder straps and base band that prevents itching while giving great support.

  • Slimfit Bras

  • The Slimfit Bra comes in three designs: Slimfit Bra with Adjustable Band, Slimfit Drawstring Bra, and Slimfit Pullover Bra. Like the Drawstring Bra and Side-Tie Bra, the Slimfit Bra does away with metal hooks and elastics to prevent skin irritation and stretch marks. The Slimfit Drawstring is specifically designed for A and B cup sizes, while the Pullover and Adjustable Band are made especially for B cup sizes.

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